Ayres Adventures is the world’s leading provider of premium motorcycle travel.

We offer motorcycle tours in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America (including Alaska and Canada), South America, New Zealand and Australia. As an official travel partner of BMW Motorrad, we feature the BMW line of motorcycles for all of our tours.

Ayres Adventures is, in the purest sense of the word, a global company. This characteristic distinguishes us from other motorcycle tour companies and is a key element of our business model. It enables us to ensure the same high quality standards for our tours no matter where they are operated. Our tours are never subcontracted to another company – we operate all tours with our own staff of experienced tour leaders.

Ayres Adventures is chartered in Gibraltar. Our sales and back-office operations are located in the United States, with significant marketing and support staff in Germany and Russia. Our manager for Europe lives in Germany and our manager for North and South America lives in the United States. Other tour leaders reside in Africa, Alaska, Austria, Germany, Latvia and New Zealand. Our webmaster lives in Germany, travel is handled by an associate in South Africa, and worldwide hotel bookings are handled in Austria.

This global diversity ensures that you can enjoy the convenience, service and security afforded by a stable, professionally managed company, staffed with carefully selected personnel in all the markets we serve.

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Ron Ayres – Founder and Chairman Emeritus

Founder and Chairman Emeritus
Ron is now semi-retired but is an active participant in the development of corporate strategies including product development, sales and marketing.

Ron’s passion for years has been global motorcycle travel. He’s lived, worked, and ridden in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and he’s traveled extensively throughout the Pacific Rim. While living abroad as a senior business executive, he took time to explore the world by motorcycle. In Africa, he purchased a safari-equipped Land Rover Defender and extended his travels into the bush, spending several months on safari with his wife, Barbara, in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

Today, Ron is especially proud of the highly skilled team of motorcycle travel professionals who comprise Ayres Adventures, and who continue to lead the company on exciting paths to a never-ending portfolio of new motorcycling adventures.

Ron and his wife Barbara Robinson live in Texas, sharing time between homes in Galveston and Plano.

Contact Ron at ron@ayresadventures.com

John Jesson – President and Chief Executive Officer

John Jesson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ayres Adventures
John has overall responsibility for company operations. He is especially well-qualified for this senior management position after having spent the last eleven years advancing through almost every position on the company organization chart.

John was living in South Africa when he first joined Ayres Adventures. His first position was support vehicle driver and baggage handler for our African Adventures. He was soon an assistant tour leader, responsible for assisting more senior tour leaders in Europe and South America. After serving as a tour director for several years, John was made a partner of the company, responsible for all of our African business. John then advanced to manage global operations before being named Managing Director several years ago.

As president and CEO, John now has overall responsibility for the company’s operations worldwide.

John and his wife Meike live in Calgary, Canada.

Contact John at john@ayresadventures.com

Barbara Robinson – Financial Officer

Barbara Robinson, Ayres Adventures
Ron’s wife, Barbara Robinson, has been an enthusiastic supporter of Ron’s passion to build Ayres Adventures into the world’s most respected motorcycle travel company. With several advanced degrees in finance and economics, Barb is well-equipped to serve as the company’s financial manager. She retired from her position teaching college level economics in order to have more time to travel and to work with Ayres Adventures.

Contact Barbara at barb@ayresadventures.com

Shirley Landis – Office Manager

Shirley Landis, Manager
Shirley Landis is responsible for managing the company’s US sales office and is the primary contact for our customers as they make their plans to participate in one of our Adventures. In addition to her duties as our Office Manager, Shirley is responsible for overseeing the development and production of our support materials, including our travel booklets (The Plan Ahead) and for the distribution of our promotional brochures, DVDs and other materials.

Contact Shirley at shirley@ayresadventures.com

Petra Wendl – Hotel Reservations Manager

Petra Wendl, Hotel Reservations Specialist, Ayres Adventures
Petra is the company’s Hotel Reservations Manager and operates from her home in Tyrol, Austria. With her fluency in German and English (and her facility with Italian, French, and even a bit of Spanish) Petra is well qualified to handle the company’s hotel reservations on a global basis.

Petra is a graduate of Modul University in Vienna – one of the world’s leading schools in tourism and hospitality management. After graduation from Modul, she put her education to good use working in hotels throughout Austria, on cruise ships with Princess Cruises and with Hilton Hotels in Orlando, Florida. She also worked for many years as Hotel Reservations Manager for an Austrian-based motorcycle tour company.

Working from her home in Tyrol, Petra enjoys spending time with her husband and her two young children. Other interests include traveling, reading, biking, hiking and swimming.

Wolfgang Beisswenger – German Markets Manager

Wolfgang Beisswenger, German Market Manager, Ayres Adventures

Wolfgang Beisswenger represents Ayres Adventures in the German market.

He was born in the south of Germany. His two-wheeled career began on a Honda SS50 when he was 16 years old. Whenever he has the time, he can be seen on the road on his old Moto Guzzi or his Beta Alp.

Wolfgang now lives in Aalen – a town near Stuttgart. He has more than 16 years of experience in the “Adventure Tourism” business and has organized more than 1,000 events since 1996. For the last 8 years he has focused on worldwide adventure travel, both with motorcycles and 4×4 vehicles.

Svetlana Malygina – Russian Markets Manager

Svetlana Malygina, Russian Market Manager, Ayres Adventures

Svetlana is based in Moscow. In addition to her market development responsibilities for Ayres Adventures, she manages her own travel agency.

Sveta was born in central Russia, near the Mongolian border. Her family later moved to far Eastern Russia where she attended the university, majoring in both Russian and English. After visiting an aunt in Moscow she decided that she wanted to live in the “big city”, which she and her son Ilia now call home.

Sveta is an integral part of the Ayres Adventures leadership team and is responsible for developing and managing the company’s business in Russia. When not behind her office desk in Moscow, Sveta hosts our private tours for Russian groups throughout the world. She has been on our Adventures in Africa, Australia, New Zealand, South America and the American Southwest. She is also responsible for helping to develop our tour offerings in Russia and accompanies our tour leaders in leading tours there.

Karen Kotze – Agent for Airline Travel

Karen Kotze, Agent for Airline Travel, Ayres Adventures

Karen is native to Cape Town, South Africa. She has been involved in the travel industry since 2005, and has assisted Ayres Adventures with reservations for nearly that long.

Karen enjoys working as an independent travel consultant because it affords her the freedom to personalize her services; she is passionate about offering excellent customer service. We can testify that Karen has gone out of her way to satisfy our customers.

Karen’s personal travels have taken her to the UK, France, Italy, Holland, Turkey, Mauritius, Namibia, Madagascar, Rwanda, and her favorite – China, where she taught English.

When not assisting travelers, Karen spends time with her two dogs and cat, or with friends, enjoying Cape Town’s nightlife, theatre, beaches, and amazing outdoor activities.

Tatiana Bunaeva – Creative Director

Tatiana Bunaeva, Webmaster, Ayres Adventures

Tatiana was born in a small Siberian village in central Russia. She eventually moved to Moscow to work at a TV channel as a Manager of International Distribution. In that capacity she traveled around the world, attending extensive negotiation and marketing seminars in Turkey, France, Spain, Italy, UK, and the USA.

During her extended travels, Tatiana was intrigued by the modern technologies she encountered. She was particularly attracted to building websites and mastering content management systems. Deciding on a career change, Tatiana decided to have an extended stay in the USA – the home of the computer industry – to improve her computer skills. She studied at the University of California, Berkeley, and then travelled throughout the States, staying in New York and Miami prior to returning to Europe.

Tatiana is currently based in Cologne, Germany, where she enjoys spending time with her husband and “geek friends”. In her spare time she enjoys discovering the great cycling trails of North Rhine Westphalia.