Climbing in Kwa-Zulu Natal Province, South Africa

Kruger National Park Owls

A View From Table Mountain - Cape Town, South Africa

Rider Magazine Group At Cape L'Agulhas, South Africa

Dining on Zanzibar - the Spice Island

Zebras Swimming - the Serengeti

On Safari in Welgevonden

Victoria Falls

Tropic of Capricorn - South Africa

Riding the Swartberg Pass

Tradouw Pass - Overberg Mountains

Sunset at Sesriem, Namibia

Zulu Village - Kwa-Zulu Natal

Namibian Desert Rider

Fuel Stop - Namibian Desert

Riding the Backroads - Mpumalanga Province, South Africa

From Jock Safari Lodge - Kruger National Park

Mt. Kilimanjaro - Tanzania

Gnus and Flamingos - The Serengeti

Caution - Giraffe Crossing

Ellies Crossing - Botswana

Ellies - the road to Kasane, Botswana

Village Road - Kwa-Zulu Natal

Gorillla Safari - Rwanda

Kenyan Traffic Jam

Chapmans Peak Drive - Cape Town

Bridge Crossing - Into Africa Adventure

Scenic Camps Bay

CapeTown - The Waterfront

Botswana Sunset - Kasane

Botswanan Ladies

Blyde River Canyon - Panorama Route

Aussenkehr - Namibia

Caution - Animals on Road

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2014 Tour Schedule

Dates2014 AdventuresDaysPrice
Mar 1 - 13RawHyde Roof of Africa138,750$6,125
Mar 15 – 28
Southern Cross
(Cape Town to Johannesburg)
Mar 29 – Apr 11
Call of the Wild
(Johannesburg to Windhoek)
Apr 30 – Jun 3
Into Africa (Cape Town to Nairobi)35$27,750$19,500
Jun 7 – 28

Out of Africa (Nairobi to Cape Town)22$15,750
Sep 13 – 26
Heart of Africa14$9,975$7,500
Sep 27 - Oct 10Southern Cross
(Cape Town to Johannesburg)
Oct 11 - 24Call of the Wild
(Johannesburg to Windhoek)
Oct 22 – Nov 2
Africa Off-Road12$5,500$3,850
Nov 3 - 16Heart of Africa (Private Group)14$9,975$7,500Sold Out
Nov 19 - Dec 2Heart of Africa (Private Group)14$9,975$7,500Sold Out

2015 Tour Schedule

Dates2015 AdventuresDaysPrice
Mar 14 - 27Southern Cross
(Cape Town to Johannesburg)
Mar 28 - Apr 10Call of the Wild
(Johannesburg to Windhoek)
Apr 29 - Jun 2Into Africa (Cape Town to Nairobi)35$27,750$19,500
Jun 6 - 27Out of Africa (Nairobi to Cape Town)22$15,750
Sep 12 - 25
Heart of Africa14$9,975$7,500
Sep 26 - Oct 9Southern Cross
(Cape Town to Johannesburg)
Sep 26 - Oct 9PhotoMoto Africa 14$10,990$8,900A minimum of 12 bookings is required for this tour
Oct 10 - 23Call of the Wild
(Johannesburg to Windhoek)
Oct 21 - Nov 1Africa Off-Road12$5,500$3,850

Motorcycling in Africa

There are probably as many misconceptions about Africa as there are independent countries within it (nearly 60). In addition to questions about the riding conditions, language and cultural issues, we’re often asked about safety, comfort, and sanitary conditions too. We have a stock answer: “There are some nasty places in Africa, but we don’t venture near them.”

Riders are invariably impressed with the beauty of the land, the great riding, and the cultural riches of the continent. English is the dominant language and is widely understood in all but small, rural communities. Nothing impresses our guests more than the friendly and welcoming attitude of the African people. A rider once told us that she felt like a visiting dignitary because so many people along the road provided cheerful waves as we rode by.

All of our Africa tours, unless specifically noted, take place on paved roads. Only our African Off-Road and Namibian Splendors Adventures (and some private tours that are specifically designed for off-road riding) require riding off-the-pavement.

In Africa you’ll ride on the left. You may ride with a tour leader during the entire trip if you wish, and we encourage riders who aren’t familiar with riding on the left to do so, at least for the first day or two. Switching sides isn’t particularly difficult once you become accustomed to differences in making turns at intersections and in handling traffic circles.

Despite some of our “jaw dropping” photos that depict wildlife, we avoid riding in areas where we’re likely to encounter predators or aggressive animals. On many of our Adventures we see elephant, giraffe, zebra, kudu and other wildlife crossing the road, but we exercise caution and don’t attempt to approach them. It’s exciting enough just to photograph them!

We think it would be a pity to travel all the way to Africa and not have an opportunity to experience the continent’s wildlife. Nearly all of our African Adventures include planned wildlife experiences, conducted from the safety and comfort of specially equipped Land Rover safari and game viewing vehicles. A policy that distinguishes us from other motorcycle tour companies is that we use upscale game lodges for overnight stays inside popular game reserves. Some companies include day trips into parks such as Kruger, but they may only enter during daylight hours and do not have access to the entire park. Spending several evenings under the stars in the African bush is an indescribable experience that is often the highlight of an African Adventure.

Our customers have found travel in Africa to be surprisingly unique, and incredibly beautiful and adventuresome. Most describe it as the experience of a lifetime!