Motorcycle Tours in Europe

There is no way to travel by motorcycle in Europe without being awestruck. No other place in the world is quite like it. Touring by motorcycle permits you to experience the sights, sounds, smells, and other sensations in a most seductive way. It’s as though Europe was designed to provide motorcyclists with an incredible playground.

Although The Old World has an extraordinary past, the continent leads the world in fashion, art, music, architecture and design. Motorcyclists will have the opportunity to enjoy all of this, but in addition they will enjoy the breathtaking landscapes and stunning scenery.

Europe is synonymous with diversity. Europe today consists of 47 independent countries ranging in size from Russia, with some 140 million people, to Liechtenstein with a population of only 35,000. Many European countries consist of multiple regions and cultures. Diversity extends to the multitude of languages spoken in Europe. Most countries have their own language and many have several languages. There are also dialects, and some smaller languages that don’t make the list of official languages. In many countries, young people speak English, but you’ll often meet people who don’t speak or understand English at all.

In Europe, the landscape in places just a couple of kilometers apart can be completely different, and cultural history manifests itself everywhere. From the fjords of Norway to the Swiss Alps to the Pyrenees that divide Spain and France, to the Moorish palaces of Andalucía, to the ancient ruins in Greece and Turkey, it just never stops. Many riders, especially upon touring Europe for the first time, speak of “sensory overload” and literally must stop to permit a particularly stunning experience to set in.

Our native European tour leaders have carefully assembled a portfolio of motorcycle tours that range from an 8-day Indian Summer in the Alps Adventure to our 34-day, 14-country Munich and Istanbul motorcycle odyssey. More than any place in the world, Europe is the venue where our policy against limited choice “set menus” and budget-priced “tourist hotels” is most appreciated.

Be prepared for our European Adventures to exceed your highest expectations. Review the testimonials on our website and you’ll begin to get an appreciation for the excitement you’ll experience on your European motorcycling adventure with us.

Date2015 AdventuresDaysPrice
Feb 25 - Mar 9Siberian Snowmobile Adventure13$8,900$5,500
May 30 - Jun 13Russia - Beyond the Golden Ring15$9,975 $7,500
Jun 6 - 15Treasures of Eastern Europe10$3,975$2,775
Jun 10 - 20 Scotland - Castles, Kilts and Whisky Tour11$7,900$6,500
Jun 21 - Jul 1 Scotland - Castles, Kilts and Whisky Tour11$7,900$6,500Waitlist Only
Jun 27 - Jul 10Dutch Treat (Strasbourg to Copenhagen)14$9,700 $7,4002 spots remain
Jul 12 - 27Norwegian Midnight Sun16$9,975 $7,500
Jul 12 - 25Dutch Treat (Copenhagen to Strasbourg)14$9,700 $7,400
Jul 29 - Aug 12Viking Run15$9,975 $7,500
Jul 31 - Oct 7The Epic Journey - Moscow to Hong Kong69$38,000$36,500
Aug 29 - Sep 4Switchback Challenge7$2,975$1,975
Sep 8 - 23Mongolia and Eastern Siberian Adventure16 $7,500$5,250NEW
Sep 12 - 23Bohemian Rhapsody12$7,150 $5,275
Sep 26 - Oct 3Indian Summer in the Alps8$3,975 $2,975
Oct 3-9Spanish Switchback Challenge7$2,975$1,975
Oct 10 - 23Spain & Morocco Adventure14$7,500 $5,500

Date2016 AdventuresDaysPrice
May 14 - Jun 17Munich And Istanbul35$22,500$15,700
May 28 - Jun 11Russia - Beyond the Golden Ring15$9,975 $7,500
Jun 11 - 21 Scotland - Castles, Kilts and Whisky Tour11$7,900$6,500
Jun 25 - Jul 4Treasures of Eastern Europe10$3,975$2,775
Jul 16 - Jul 31Norwegian Midnight Sun16$9,975 $7,500
Jul 2 - Jul 15Dutch Treat (Strasbourg to Copenhagen)14$9,700$7,400
Jul 23 - Sep 28The Epic Journey - Moscow to Hong Kong65$38,000$36,500
Jul 31 - Aug 15Mongolia and Eastern Siberian Adventure16 $7,500$5,250NEW!
Aug 2 - Aug 16Viking Run15$9,975 $7,500
Aug 27 - Sep 2Switchback Challenge7$2,975$1,975
Sep 10 - Sep 21Bohemian Rhapsody12$7,150 $5,275
Sep 24 - Oct 1Indian Summer in the Alps8$3,975 $2,975
Oct 1 - Oct 7Spanish Switchback Challenge7$2,975$1,975
Oct 8 - Oct 21Spain & Morocco Adventure14$7,500 $5,500

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Biker's delight. These are the words that come to my mind when I think of my Ayres Adventures tours. Great rides, sensational places, good food and great fun. A big "Thank you!" to the whole Ayres team for creating such an experience, you're doing an awsome job. I am looking foreward to riding with you again.

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