Motorcycle Tours in North America

There simply is no more exciting way to explore America’s “Last Frontier” than by motorcycle. Many of the most popular destinations in Alaska and Canada’s Yukon Territory are accessible by motorcycle – on paved highways as well as gravel roads that are generally in very good condition.

Riders can enjoy scenic views of towering mountains and sparkling glaciers and waterways, as well as up-close encounters with wildlife like bear, sheep, eagles and moose. Many Alaskan highways are renowned for remarkable scenic, historical and cultural qualities by the National Scenic Byways program.

We offer two very unique Alaskan Adventures. Our 9-day Prudhoe Bay Excursion takes riders to the northernmost point in North America to which it’s possible to ride a motorcycle. This “bucket list” destination, located nearly two hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle, is an incredible riding experience that is unlike any other.

Our 13-day Alaska & Yukon Adventure includes many of Alaska’s most popular destinations, coupled with a ride over the stunning Top of the World Highway into the Yukon Territory. Scheduled back-to-back with the Prudhoe Bay Excursion, riders seeking a longer Alaskan experience can do both tours.

Our 14-day Baja Road tour of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula is a totally paved road tour (with a few off-road options) that begins and ends in San Diego. This is beautiful motorcycle tour for riders wishing to explore Baja Peninsula.

Our 12-day Copper Canyon Off-Road adventure begins and ends in Tucson, Arizona and includes a ride to Batopilas, at the bottom of Mexico’s famous Copper Canyon. Discover the “Real Mexico” on this exciting Adventure, far removed from well-traveled tourist routes.

Our 14-day Road tour of Baja and Copper Canyon includes the “Best of the Baja Peninsula” as well as some great riding in Mexico. This is truly a magnificent motorcycling experience for those wishing to ride Baja and Mexico.

Date2015 AdventuresDaysPrice(USD)Co-riderNotes
Jul 17 - 29Alaska/Yukon Adventure13$7,495 $5,500
Aug 12 - 20Prudhoe Bay Excursion9$5,950 $4,500
Oct 3 - 16Baja California and Copper Canyon Road Tour14$7,850$5,500NEW
Oct 17 - 28Copper Canyon Off-Road12$6,500$4,500NEW

Date2016 AdventuresDaysPrice(USD)Co-riderNotes
Jul 16 - Jul 28Alaska/Yukon Adventure13$7,495 $5,500
Jul 30 - Aug 7 Prudhoe Bay Excursion9$5,950 $4,500
Oct 1 - Oct 14Baja California and Copper Canyon Road Tour14$7,850$5,500
Oct 15 - Oct 26Copper Canyon Off-Road12$6,500$4,500

We will definitely ride with Ayres again


My wife and I both rode with Ayres Adventures for the first time on their Prudhoe Bay/Alaska tour. We were both impressed with the organised structure of the tour; our tour guides were of an exceptionally high calibre.

We will definitely ride with Ayres again.

Robin and Pixie participated in our Prudhoe Bay Excursion