An Ayres Adventures Kick-off Dinner at a Buenos Aires Tango Show

South America - Riding Lago Pehoe in Torres del Paine

The Road to Torres del Paine, Chile

Ushuaia & Antarctica Group in Tierra del Fuego

The Road To Capillitas

The Caracolas Between Chile and Argentina

Suspension Bridge - Taste of Chile Adventure

Riding the Cordillera de Ansilta

Riding near Barreal, Argentina

Riding through Tierra del Fuego National-Park

Riding along the Straits Of Magellan

Perito Moreno Glacier - Argentina

The Gauchos of Patagonia

Pausing near Capillitas

Los Alamos - El Calafate, Argentina

Lake Scene - Taste of Chile Adventure

Lake along the Agua Negra Pass Road - Chile

Indian Girl With Lamb

Group Shot - Taste of Chile Adventure

Gauchos with their dogs - Argentina

Dirty Curves on the Taste of Chile Adventure

Cool Bridge - Taste of Chile Adventure

5 Patagonian Riders

Valley Of The Moon - Near San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Buggies - Viña del Mar, Chile

Zona de Curves

Torres del Paine - Lago Pehoe

Torres del Paine - Rainbow

2009 Antarctica Group Shot

Penguin Greeting

Tail of The Whale - Antarctica

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2014 Tour Schedule

Date2014 AdventuresDaysPrice(USD)Co-riderNotes
Jan 18 - Feb 10Ushuaia and Antarctica24$17,545$15,345
Jan 18 - 30Bariloche to Ushuaia13$8,450$6,250
Feb 15 - 27Empire of the Incas (Machu Picchu) Beginning in Antofagasta13$8,500$6,350
Mar 1 - 13Empire of the Incas (Machu Picchu) Beginning in Arica13$8,500 $6,350
Nov 1 - 14Empire of the Incas (Machu Picchu)14$8,500 $6,350 Sold Out!
Nov 17 - 28Los Andes Misteriosos12$6,750 $4,750

2015 Tour Schedule

Date2015 AdventuresDaysPrice(USD)Co-riderNotes
Jan 12 - Feb 4Ushuaia and Antarctica24$18,445$16,245
Jan 12 - 24Bariloche to Ushuaia13$8,450$6,250
Feb 28 - Mar 13Empire of the Incas (Machu Picchu) Beginning in Salta14$8,500$6,350Sold Out!
Oct 31 - Nov 13Empire of the Incas (Machu Picchu) Beginning in Salta14$8,500 $6,350
Nov 14 - 25Los Andes Misteriosos12$6,750 $4,750

Motorcycling in South America

There are a few misconceptions about motorcycling in South America. First, you don’t have to be an experienced enduro rider to travel to the continent’s most interesting attractions. It’s possible to ride from São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro on the east coast of the continent to Iguassu Falls on the border with Argentina, to Buenos Aires, and across the continent, (including side trips to Argentina’s famed lake district and wine country) crossing the Andes Mountains to Santiago Chile, without ever leaving good pavement. It’s also feasible to ride two-up from Brazil through Argentina and Bolivia to Machu Picchu, Peru and on to Chile on a large dual-sport motorcycle. Just ask us about the times that we’ve safely done so.

Depending on the route, riding to Tierra del Fuego can be an arduous undertaking requiring extensive off-road experience to handle rough roads with deep gravel and incredible crosswinds. Some tour companies select hair-raising routes and describe the associated challenges honestly, apparently believing that a more arduous trip will have wider appeal.

We take the opposite approach. We've carefully selected routes that will provide you with a relatively safe and definitely enjoyable trip. We offer plenty of adventure without subjecting anyone to unnecessary difficulty. With careful route selection, we avoid the nastiest roads and much of the crosswinds on our Tierra del Fuego trip.

A second misconception is that the quality of the food and water in South America is not up to North American standards. Many Americans' knowledge of Latin America is based on experience in Mexico, so they believe the sanitary conditions in South America must be similar to those in much of Mexico. They are delighted to learn that the food is wonderful in South America and sanitary conditions at all of the places we visit are superb. One of the biggest challenges our customers face is controlling their weight while on one of our tours!

Finally, some people worry about violence in South America. While there certainly is some well-publicized strife in Columbia (and occasionally in Venezuela), we don't go anywhere near these countries. Troublesome areas are hundreds (if not thousands) of miles from our routes. Our customers have found travel in South America to be delightfully clean, safe and fun!