Day 12 – Crackenback to Ulladulla

After a relaxing two night stop at Lake Crackenback we jumped on the bikes and set off for a full days ride to the seaside town of Ulladulla. The mornings ride started off a bit on the cool side but it was not long before it started to warm up as we left [...]

Days 10 and 11 – Lindenwarrah to Crackenback. Free day in Crackeback.

After riding through the winelands, farming lands and costing in to New South Wales we headed in to the Snowy Mountains. We stopped at the banks of the Murray River, the longest river in Australia. Being up in the mountains the roads were really twisty as we made our way up to 1,520 [...]

Day 9 – Off the ferry and in to the winelands

Getting off the ferry on a Sunday morning meant that we were able to ride straight through the centre of Melbourne with almost no traffic - it was also 6 am in the morning…. Once out of the city we stopped for a rest and bite to eat before heading through several eucalyptus [...]