Day 7 – Free Day – El Calafate

Visiting the Perito Moreno glacier is a magical experience. The sheer size makes you feel small as you get close to this wall of ice. The glacier is still growing as a result of the harsh weather conditions. A must for the bucket list.

Day 6 – Puerto San Julian to El Calafate

We left the East coast of Argentina towards El Calafate at the foot of the Andes. The scenery changed from the wide open spaces to the twisty mountain roads. El Calafate is the adventurers dream destination with the Glacier national park in the area. One of the highlights of our tour, the Perito Moreno [...]

Day 5 – Comodoro Rivadavia to Puerto San Julian

The journey South to Puerto San Julian took us through small town Argentina with magnificent views of the South Atlantic Ocean. We had a taste of the famous Patagonian winds that lies ahead with the ever present Guanacos just making sure that you are still awake. Today we continue to El Calafate and the [...]