Water, and lots of it!

Water, and lots of it! Sitting at breakfast, watching the trickles of rain run down the outside of the window did not enthuse any of us to jump on the bikes, more so knowing that it was the last day of riding for us as a group, and what a group this has been! Every [...]

There is ice, in Iceland!

There is ice, in Iceland! Today was a short ride but once again, just as beautiful as all the other days of this ride! Not a single day has gone by without an ‘Oh wow’ moment! Riding along today we skirted around the Vatnajokull ice shield with dozens of glaciers leading off towards the ocean. [...]

And another perfect day

Once again, Iceland gave us perfection! Perfect weather, stunning scenery, friendly people and the greatest possible riding! Today we made our way to the coast and spent most of the day riding along breathtaking coastal roads with rocky outcrops, sandy beaches and 3300 Ft peaks off to our side. We took a short detour inland [...]