Day thirteen – from Toba to Kyoto

What a last riding day! We left our wonderful hotel at 9am and cruised along the scenic coast line. 124 miles were waiting for us and the weather was perfect. We had decided to go for nice roads instead of culture to compensate yesterday's long haul - and we had Japan's finest riding! [...]

Day twelve – from Mt. Fuji to Toba

Our longest riding day! We had to cover over 190 miles plus a one-hour ferry ride. After a last glance at Mt. Fuji (who covered his head today) we turned west and dove into the busy traffic of Honshu's south coast. The express way helped a lot to cover the distance, but the [...]

Day eleven – rest day at Mt. Fuji

All night long the rain storm kept going - at 7 am we looked out of our hotel room windows AND THERE HE WAS! With 12,388 ft Japan's highest mountain, the perfect example of a strato volcano, snow-capped and most impressive: Fuji-san, the country's most famous mountain! Of course we had to go [...]