Day 10 – Last day of Scotland Motorcycle Tour

The direct route from St Andrews to Edinburgh is pretty short but of course we don’t want to take the direct route. Todays first stop was at Scotlands Secret Bunker which was built underground during the Cold War as protection against a nuclear attack. A chilling reminder of very recent history! From the bunker [...]

Day 9 – Inverness to St Andrews

Whilst scouting this tour, I remember this day as being one of my favourite rides of this tour so waking up to a wonderful sunny morning and the bikes all parked along the bank of the River Ness was the perfect start to a great day of touring! Our first stop after gassing up [...]

Day 8 – Thurso to Inverness

What an absolutely amazing morning to wake up to! The sun was out, birds were chirping and there was a welcome smell of bacon and eggs coming from the small guest house kitchen! I have been to Dunnet Point, the northern tip of the UK, many times over the years but never when it [...]