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Off-Road Discovery Motorcycle Tours

“Adventure Touring” by motorcycle, with a concentration on riding off-road, is the fastest-growing segment of the motorcycle tour business. We see this evidenced by the incredible popularity of the BMW GS line of motorcycles, by growing interest in off-road training, and by the increasing number of riders who have encouraged us to offer additional off-road tours. Our Discovery Motorcycle Tours respond to the increasing demand for tours featuring “the road less-traveled”.
Discovery Motorcycle Tours feature off the pavement and require off-road riding skills beyond those required for other tour categories.
You must have experience in riding off-road in order to participate in these tours. We recommend that you take off-road training with our travel partner, RawHyde Adventures, before booking an off-road tour. Some of our Adventures include a customized off-road training program from RawHyde as part of the tour offering.

RegionTour/Expedition NameDurationPrice - Rider (USD)Price - Co-rider (USD)
ALASKA/CANADAPrudhoe Bay Excursion9 Days$5,959$4,500
EUROPEIceland Adventure11 Days$8,995$7,395
SOUTH AMERICAUshuaia - Discover Patagonia15 Days$9,750$7,200