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The Adventurer Club is an awards program designed to reward repeat customers by reducing the cost of future trips with Ayres Adventures. Unlike other “frequent traveler” programs, there are no blackout periods or trips that are not eligible for award use. And there is no expiration date associated with our awards. Our program is straightforward – awards are based on the number of days that a rider has been on a guided tour with us, as defined in our tour descriptions. Awards are valid for any of our trips. (Awards are not made for self-guided tours or for motorcycle rentals). The rider (or co-rider) earns the first award after logging 50 tour days with us. Thereafter, awards are earned after each additional 25 tour days. Commemorative pins will honor each award threshold. Collect them all!

The following table summarizes the structure of our Adventurer Club program:

Adventurer Club Award Plan

Tour DaysRider AwardCo-Rider Award
50$1,000 $750
75$1,000 $750
100$1,000 $750
125$1,000 $750
150$1,000 $750
175$1,000 $750
200Lifetime 10% Discount
Limit: One award per rider per trip.


As you can see, co-riders as well as riders are eligible to receive awards.  Riders who use their own motorcycles on our guided tours also earn based on the co-rider rates.

These awards have no monetary value and may only be used to reduce the cost of a future trip.
A special award is granted to riders who make it to the 200-days level. The “Lifetime Adventurer” status will entitle riders to a 10% discount on the base price of all future Ayres Adventures. Unlike the threshold awards which require reaching the next level to earn a discount on a trip, this “Lifetime Discount” applies to all future trips.

Riders who have already taken at least one trip with us are already eligible for membership. Participants need only sign a document agreeing to the terms and conditions of the program. Only one award may be redeemed per rider per trip. Awards cannot be used on trips for which other awards or discounts have been applied.