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I am looking forward to another Ayres Adventure

I toured with Ayres Adventures on the Viking Run in August 2018. We went from the top of Norway through 8 countries, and ended up in Munich. We saw every kind of weather, hundreds of reindeer, awesome scenery, and had gourmet meals in the evenings. My favorite meal was the Polish sausage I had that happened to be served at a gas station restaurant. Our guides, Axel Papst and Janis Cimins, were great at organizing the day's events, and very entertaining with their stories in the evening. I am looking forward to another Ayres Adventure.

David's Adventures include:
Viking Run

David Farash
Tampa, FL

Ayres Adventures provides an exceptionally well organized, professional and fun tour schedule.

Ayres Adventures provides an exceptionally well organized, professional and fun tour schedule. The really nice attribute of joining an organized tour like Ayres is that they do all the pre-work in finding interesting local hotels, restaurants, routing and skilled tour guides, so all you have to do is show up with your gear and just ride. They know the map and the territory and can take you to enchanting places you would never find on your own.

Jeffrey's Adventures include:
Dolomites Switchback Challenge

Jeffrey Bernel
Granger, IN

Started thinking about our next Ayres Adventure long before this one ended

Einar and Denise Rod, Ayres Adventures Motorcycle Tours Testimonial

This was our first Ayres Adventure, and the Norwegian Midnight Sun tour was really a trip of a life time. The scenery is spectacular, and the routes chosen really show the country at its best. Claus & Axel are terrific at explaining where we were riding, what we'd see, and making sure we had a great time. The pace was just right, with nice breaks for lunch & coffee, and the hotels and dinners were uniformly excellent. We met wonderful people, and started thinking about our next Ayres Adventure, long before this one ended.

Denise and Einer's Adventures include:
Norwegian Midnight Sun

Denise and Einar Rod
Newtown, CT

One of the best memories of my annual motorcycle tours

Vali Khadivi, Ayres Adventures Motorcycle Tours Testimonial

I took the Treasures of Eastern Europe tour in the summer of 2018. It was fantastic! This was one of the best memories of my annual motorcycle tours and I have done a lot of them. The tour was well organized, had good scenery and accommodations, and the food was great! The best part was when we arrived at the destination – the check-in was already done, suitcases were in our rooms and the keys to our rooms were put into our hands. I would definitely go again with Ayres Adventures motorcycle tours. Tour leaders Axel and Janis were knowledgeable and accommodating. Great job, guys, and thank you for a job well done.

Vali's Adventures include:
Treasures of Eastern Europe

Vali Khadivi
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This was my first Ayres tour and will definitely be billed as "the first of many to come"

Kristine-Kuzemka Motorcycle tour testimonial, Ayres Adventures

This was my first Ayres tour and will definitely be billed as "the first of many to come"

The tour leaders are what/who will bring me back to take more tours!

Axel and Janis were professional, courteous, attentive, and funny as hell!

The routes were beautiful and the riding was superb!

Kristine's Adventures include:
Treasures of Eastern Europe

Kristine Kuzemka
Las Vegas, NV

Experience that Amanda and I will remember forever!

Chris and Amanda Oelschlegel, Motorcycle Tour in Spain, Reviews, Ayres Adventures

My wife Amanda and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary by participating in the Spanish Switchback Adventure in October 2017. Our tour leader, Axel, made us feel like family immediately and took incredible care of us during the tour, both on and off of the bike. Axel's impeccable riding skills coupled with his intimate knowledge of Andalucía resulted in an experience that Amanda and I will remember forever. Thank you Axel, and thank you Ayres!

Chris and Amanda's Adventures include:
Spanish Switchback Challenge

Chris and Amanda Oelschlegel
Kennebunk, ME

The riding, accommodations, food and tour guides are all top notch!

Rufus Timberlake, Ayres Adventures, Testimonial, Motorcycle Tours

My wife and I have been on four tours through 13 countries with Ayres and are always eager for more. The riding, accommodations, food and tour guides are all top notch and get my highest recommendation for anyone interested in this type of motorcycle travel. I feel personally grateful to Ron Ayres for creating this unique and exciting set of opportunities and to the professional and committed tour guides and leadership that have continued the tradition of excellence he founded. Keep up the good work!

Rufus's Adventures include:
Bohemian Rhapsody
Norwegian Midnight Sun
Portugal and Spain
Canada Adventure Center Holiday

Rufus Timberlake
Portland, OR

Our overall expectations were exceeded!

Joe and Mary Penney, Testimonial, Motorcycle tour Dramatic Dolomites in the Alps, Italy and Switzerland

What an experience! Traveling through Germany, Austria and northern Italy while enjoying a variety of breathtaking landscapes was truly amazing. Our guide was fantastic, our group was composed of wonderful people and our overall expectations were exceeded. What my wife and I thought would be a once in a lifetime trip has opened our eyes to the joys of motorcycling in remarkable locations so much so that we are now planning on continuing the adventure in the future with Ayres Adventures as our guide. Thank you Axel!

Joe and Mary’s Adventures include:
Dolomites Switchback Challenge

Joe and Mary Penney
Barrie, Ontario, Canada

It truly was the trip of a lifetime!

Jan Stone, Alden Hingle, Motorcycle Tour in Iceland, Testimonial, Ayres Adventures

My husband and I just returned from the "Iceland Adventure" tour which also happened to be our honeymoon. He and I have extensively used tour companies in the past for trekking, mountain biking, road cycling, and kayaking trips, so we have a lot of experience with guided trips. That said, this was our first organized motorcycling trip and we had a lot of expectations. I can say without hesitation that this trip ranks up there with one of the best ever. It truly was the trip of a lifetime. And Ayres Adventures is a class act. I contacted John Jesson earlier this year to inquire about trips and after many discussions he convinced me that Iceland would indeed be an adventure. He was right - I cannot begin to say how much fun we had and how beautiful the country is. The routes were wonderful, the accommodations and restaurants first-rate, and the guides were a fantastic addition to our tour. Claus and Janis are thorough, knowledgeable, and a lot of fun. They had a great knack for figuring out what the group was interested in, then ensuring our routes and sightseeing matched those interests. Their enthusiasm was so contagious that we were excited to go on a new ride every day. We cannot wait to book another tour with this company - the problem will be deciding which one to pick.

Talk about a honeymoon!

Jan and Alden's Adventures include:
Iceland Adventure

Jan Stone and Alden Hingle
Green Mountain Falls, CO

I will not hesitate to recommend Ayres Adventures to anyone interested in premium motorcycle touring!

Michael Mendell, Testimonial, Ayres Adventures, Motorcycle Tours Worldwide

The equipment, organization, route planning, and accommodations were of the highest caliber.

As a retired infantryman, I am well aware that, after the first shot is fired, the finest plans often require change and adaptation on the fly; and Axel (Prussicher Reiter Leiter) & Jason (Kommando-ry Leier), fine leaders; successfully rose to each challenge.

To keep us safe they, among other things, inspected each motorcycle every morning, for leaks, damage, loose connections, and such. I also observed that they checked the riders and their gear. On the hot days, they observed us for signs of dehydration. Again, fine leadership.

Most coffee and lunch stops took place in interesting locales, and many provided exciting vistas. Axel and Jason were always happy to answer questions and offer interesting bits of history and folklore. I asked a lot of questions!

My personal goal for the trip was to experience country, culture, and cuisine. I had fun trying bits of German, Italian, and even one word of Czech. I didn't have the courage to try Slovenian. The geography was beautiful and the mountains were breath-taking. The cuisine was excellent, as my increased waistline can attest.

I will not hesitate to recommend Ayres Adventures to anyone interested in premium motorcycle touring!

Again, thank you!

Michael’s Adventures include:
Triple S Bohemian Rhapsody

Michael Mendell
Morgantown, WV

If I have to pick one word, it's "professionalism"!

Geoffrey R Smith, Testimonial, Ayres Adventures

I guess after six trips with the gang from Ayres, I should write something about why I keep coming back for yet another tour. If I have to pick one word, it's "professionalism". Although they make each day look easy in terms of getting from point A to point B, on reflection it becomes so apparent that each route is well thought out and chosen for specific reasons, whether it be the scenery, road conditions, or degree of difficulty. It all seems to work so seamlessly which allows the rider to focus on the ride and his or her surroundings. Whether it's Claus or John or Axel, you know that one of them has your back, especially when you tackle a road that a month ago was paved but is now a mess and foot deep in mud or the road is closed and the detour a real challenge. And finally, at the end of the day, they're a hell of a lot of fun to have a drink with! In the final analysis, it makes for pretty much a perfect vacation.

Geoffrey's Adventures include:
Under the Tuscan Sun
Machu Picchu Excursion
Ushuaia and Antarctica
Norwegian Midnight Sun
Munich to Istanbul
The Epic Journey Riga to Hong Kong
Iceland Adventure
North Pole Adventure

Geoffrey has written several articles/blogs about his experiences on our tours:
BMW Owners News - Antarctica
BMW Owners News - Iceland
Blog – Under the Tuscan Sun

Geoffrey R. Smith
West Hollywood, LA

Our experience in this area has been A plus

Roddy and Doree Guthrie

Many quality issues set Ayres trips apart from the competition. But the competence, experience and personalities of its tour leaders sets the foundation for Ayres success. Our experience in this area has been A plus.

Roddy and Doree's Adventures include:
Spanish Switchback Challenge

Roddy and Doree Guthrie
Frisco, TX

Ayres Adventure Switchback Challenge was amazing

Erica Danek, motorcycle tour testimonials, Ayres Adventures

Ayres Adventure Switchback Challenge was amazing. If you are the type of rider who measures the chicken strip before and after your ride (like my husband does) then this tour is for you. We spent most of the time leaning than we did riding up right. This was especially challenging for me because I was riding two up and in charge of the filming while trying to hold on. Axel was not only entertaining but a wealth of knowledge when it came to the bikes, riding and safety. He made sure to include me in the decision making process even though I was the only female and pillion. He went above and beyond to make me feel like a real life princess on my birthday. The little touches did not go unnoticed. Thank you Axel and thank you Ayres for the trip of a life time.

Erika's Adventures include:
Alps Switchback Challenge

Erica created a video about our 2016 Switchback Challenge Adventure. Click here to watch the video.

Erika Danek
St. Augustine, FL

The trip of a lifetime

Cecil Broome, Ayres Adventures

My bucket list motorcycle tour to the European Alps with Ayres Adventures was indeed the trip of a lifetime. Great riding, great food, great hotel and great fun.

Cecil's Adventures include:
Alps Switchback Challenge
Africa Panorama Tour

Cecil Broome
Middleburg, FL

Thank you again for another wonderful tour!

Birgit and Manfred, Testimonials, Ayres Adventures

Thank you again for another wonderful tour! We always wanted to go to the North Cape, with all the planning you did for us, you made this trip a great experience. You found nice twisties with spectacular views, stunning landscapes and outrageous bridges from one island to another, which made our hearts beat faster.

Our tour leaders had a lot of inside information on special routes, which were not crowded at all. GREAT RIDING!

Birgit and Manfred's Adventures include:
Norwegian Midnight Sun Adventure
Japan Cherry Blossom
Call of the Wild
Machu Picchu Excursion

Birgit Klenke and Manfred Boertz
Hamburg, Germany

Indian Summer in the Alps tour highly recommended!

Indian Summer in the Alps tour highly recommended. Be prepared for a wide range of temperatures and paved road switch back riding. Bike selection, tour guides, accommodations, and evening group meals and comradery are top rate. Thank You for offering and providing a bucket-list experience.

Curtis' Adventures include:
Indian Summer in the Alps

Curtis Farrell
Vail, AZ

Best yet father and son outing to date in this lifetime!

Bob and Sean's Adventures include:
Alps Switchback Challenge

Bob and Sean Mabey
Bountiful, Utah

It was a great experience!

My wife booked this tour for my son and I for my son's high school graduation present. My wife is our family's chief financial officer,and she wanted me to tell you that she believed it was a very good experience for the cost. That is huge coming from her! I have her permission to do more tours with your company!
Axel and Claus were very good to be with for the week. No complaints whatsoever. They could not have been more gracious. Thank you so much for everything your personnel did to accommodate us. There were no problems that we encountered, from signing up to checking out. It was a great experience.

Mark and Tristen's Adventures include:
Alps Switchback Challenge

Mark and Tristen Lobbezoo
Grand Rapids Michigan

This might be the best riding anywhere

This might be the best riding anywhere. Challenging riding with amazing landscapes. The hotels and meals were uniquely Bavarian and top quality.

Brian's Adventures include:
Indian Summer in the Alps

Brian Lawson
Clackamas, OR

I’ve traveled many countries of the world via motorcycle but this tour is special!

Omaha Beach, Ayres Adventures

If you haven't toured Alsace Loraine, Normandy, WW I battlefields and then the North Sea coast, you haven't toured Europe. From Omaha Beach to the ancient cities along the North Coast up to Denmark, this is a tour that is special. Most of the riding is on back country lanes through spectacular country scenery or on the dykes of Holland or in picturesque villages. I've traveled many countries of the world via motorcycle but this tour is special.

Daniel's Adventures include:
Dutch Treat Adventure (now named Normandy and the North Sea)

Daniel Gresham
Salt Lake City

A great time was had by all.

Our tour leader, Axel, was excellent. Not only did he check out the bikes each day and get us on the perfect roads but also he was the perfect leader and had an ability to gently convince 7 head strong, high energy clients to do the right thing all the time. A great time was had by all.

Cliff's Adventures include:
Viking Run

Cliff Gunter
Houston, Texas

Our vacation with you ranks as the best yet !!!

Just wanted to thank you all for a wonderful vacation !!!!

My wife Lynne and I have traveled all over the states on our Goldwing. Our vacation with you ranks as the best yet !!!

Claus and Axle are AWESOME !!! Both super fun to be with. The switchbacks were awesome!!! The bikes super fun to ride. The scenery was terrific.

Claus and Axle make a terrific team to ride with. They each having different riding styles and personalities which was awesome.

We certainly will be doing this again !!

Thanks much.

Jeff and Lynne's Adventures include:
Switchback Challenge

Jeff and Lynne Bleess
Spicer, Minnesota

Damn that was a fun trip!!!!

Jim’s comments after the Viking Run:

Ron - The trip rating - an A+.I repeat - an A+.

I don't even know what I paid for this thing......I know it was a chunk of change, and I know it was accurate billing from you folks, and I know I could go back and tally up what it all cost.....adding in your fees, the ATM withdrawals, AmEx/Visa charges, etc.....but truth is - whatEVER it cost me, it was totally worth it. And - even with the cost of the new BMW I'm gonna HAVE to buy now that I'm back home (the local BMW sales rep should pay you a commission!)....the value I got, the money spent vs. the experiences/memories - definitely worth it!

Jim’s comments after the Spanish Switchback Challenge:

My first tour was Viking Run - an absolutely incredible motorcycle trip with great folks, through amazing parts of Europe, and via Ayres' top-rate guides, support, facilities & organization. The value for my $$$ earned an A+ grade...almost impossible to explain the beauty, excitement and camaraderie...I'm still talking about it! Absolutely, positively WORTH the time & money to experience. I liked that trip so much, I booked another....the Spanish Switchback Challenge. Again, Ayres hit a home run with the trip location, guide, accommodations, and the VALUE of the trip. Mastering the twists & turns along the coast of Spain is something every rider should experience. Now on the books for me is one of Ayres' newest trips - Ireland - and the anticipation of another awesome experience. Adding Ayres' trips has been such an excellent addition to my local & US motorcycling - anyone giving thought to taking a trip with Ayres should do so, immediately...sign up, climb on, and enjoy the ride!

Congratulations, John, on sustaining the Ayres biz, employing top-rate guides, keeping the process fun & easy (thanks Shirley), and delivering great value for the $$$.

Jim's Adventures include:
Viking Run
Spanish Switchback Challenge

Jim Vaughn
Kansas City, Missouri

Thanks for making our 10th wedding anniversary vacation a memorable one.


We would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for allowing us to be part of the tour, and also the opportunity to experience a wonderful bike trip. I proudly wear my Stelvio Pass T-shirt.

The choice of hotels and restaurants were great, exceeding our expectations many times. Mauricio's  and John's ability to make everyone comfortable and part of the team is amazing. Most importantly, we made good friends and we are proud to be associated with your company.

Thanks again for making our 10th wedding anniversary vacation a memorable one.

Ahmad and Shariza's Adventures include:
Swiss Alps

Ahmad Hatta Kamaruzzaman & Sharliza Salleh
Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

This Alpine Adventure exceeded my best expectations in every regard.

I have just reviewed my pictures from this last week with you and the gang in Switzerland and Italy. Truly a remarkable experience to say the least.

This Alpine Adventure exceeded my best expectations in every regard. Congratulations on assembling a great team. We were certainly beneficiaries of their professionalism this week.

Kevin's Adventures include:
Alpine Escape
Treasures of Eastern Europe

Kevin Barnes
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

It was indeed an adventure, and the thrill of a lifetime for both of us.

I just wanted to thank you all for the fantastic vacation we just had. The hotels were excellent, the spas were luxurious, the food was wonderful and the scenery was spectacular.

This was our first group ride, but it won't be our last. It was indeed an adventure, and the thrill of a lifetime for both of us.

Thank you all so much!

Todd and Sandy's Adventures include:
Swiss Alps

Todd and Sandy McAlary
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Our trip was beyond wonderful in every way!

Our trip was beyond wonderful in every way. It certainly far exceeded our expectations. Now we are looking forward to your Southern Cross trip next year.

An Ayres Adventures "first" - Three Generations on the same tour....

The Longley and Pierce Family enjoyed our Royal Riviera Adventure

Max and Jean Longley, Guy and Jody Pierce, Kaelyn and Hailey
Florida and North Carolina

I can’t imagine how the tour route or hotels could have been improved.

Every moment associated with the tour was enjoyable, from planning and preparation to my return home and sharing photos and stories with friends and family. I was very happy when I received the materials a month before the start of the tour; they really created a great impression.

I expected pretty vistas, but there is no way to prepare you for post card views around every corner. I can’t imagine how the tour route or hotels could have been improved.

I look forward to my next Ayres Adventure."

Bill enjoyed the Portugal, Spain and Morocco Adventure

Bill Walker
Redwood City, California

We’ll be back!

Our debut tour with Ayres Adventures was an exceptional motorcycling experience!
Riding through pata negra country in Spring was simply sublime. We cannot commend highly enough the good humour and professionalism of Claus and Axel – tour leaders par excellence who regularly and happily delivered beyond our expectations! And we were delighted with the quality of our fellow tourers – always great company! Our thanks go to Ron, Shirley and team for making it happen.

We’ll be back!

Wilf and Yeen's Adventures include:
Portugal and Spain

Will Flint & Yeen Danser
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

So I'm already planning my next Ayres tour!

The Ayres Adventures tour to Norway last June was the trip of a lifetime! The tour was well organized and very professional. The tour guides did an awesome job from start to finish. The actual route and our accommodations were stellar. It was too bad that it all ended...I'm sure I could have gone a few more months!
So I'm already planning my next Ayres tour!

Chris's Adventures include:
Legendary Norway
Machu Picchu Excursion

Chris White
Gold River, British Columbia

We’re already signed up for the Alps and Morocco

I’ve ridden eight Ayres Adventures tours, three of them IBA (Iron Butt Association) specific rides and haven’t been disappointed. All have been first class, unique, and full of very pleasant surprises. Ron and his staff have always been courteous, helpful, and patient. In fact, he has found some special tour leaders and guides. By the end of the tour, they become friends that we look forward to seeing again.

Each tour had it’s own highlights. The IBA tours fit our style of riding since we are interested in seeing as much as we can and not spending a lot of time at the destination hotels. If you ride one, be prepared to cover some distance in all kinds of road and weather conditions.

Ushuaia had been one of those must see places for us and the South America IBA ride was the perfect way to do it, we ended up with more than we expected. The scenery was spectacular, the food was excellent, and this group of riders made it a ride to remember.

We enjoyed this one so much, we’re already signed up for the Alps IBA ride this September and the Portugal, Spain, and Morocco tour next year.

Tom and Mona's Adventures include:
IBA Ushuaia Tour
IBA Africa Tour
IBA Extreme Alps Tour
Machu Picchu Excursion (Empire of the Incas)
Spain and Morocco
New Zealand Top Down Adventure
Namibian Splendors (Africa)
Russia - Beyond the Golden Ring
Munich to Istanbul
Japan Cherry Blossoms and Mt. Fuji
The Epic Journey - Moscow to Hong Kong

Tom and Mona Loftus
Vista, California

The sixteen tours we were on with Ayres Adventures are the best we have ever been on!

“We have taken more than 20 motorcycle tours; sixteen of the last seventeen were with Ayres Adventures.

The sixteen tours that we have taken with Ayres Adventures were the best trips we have ever been on.”

Denny and Alice's Adventures include:
Call of the Wild
Best of Brazil
Southern Cross
Diamonds, Desert and Dunes (Africa)
South American Five Flags
South American Four Flags
Mediterranean Odyssey
Escape to Ushuaia
Swiss Alps and Italian Dolomites
Swiss, French and Italian Alps
Adventure Center Holiday (USA)
Escape to Colorado (USA)
Rocky Mountain Holiday (USA)
National Parks Tour (USA)
Prudhoe Bay Excursion
Best of Alaska and Canada
Portugal, Spain and Morocco

Denny and Alice Sanford
Anchorage, Alaska

Once again, we came away thrilled...

"The Antarctica trip was our fifth tour (or 6th if you count Hyder) with Ayres Adventures and once again we came away thrilled with the experience.

The Antarctica portion was a life changing event, much the same as our three trips in Africa with Ayres forever changed our view of the world. Having now toured on all 7 continents, we can say that while the trip to Antarctica is costly and can be difficult at times, it is worth every cent if you enjoy adventure travel to new places. It will change your perspective of our planet and all it entails in a way that is impossible to explain unless you have made the voyage!

Mike and Cara's Adventures include:
Escape to Antarctica (and Ushuaia)
Call of the Wild (Africa)
Southern Cross (Africa)
Namibian Splendors (Africa)
Into Africa
New Zealand Top Down Tour
Greece and Italy - Golden Odyssey
Machu Picchu Excursion
Portugal and Spain Adventure
Portugal, Spain and Morocco Adventure

Mike and Cara Hardinger
Southern Pines, North Carolina

Consider your company whole-heartedly endorsed!

"When the memories of a trip stay with me every night while trying to sleep, I know that I have experienced something very memorable. I had such a good time that I signed up for your next 'Rendezvous in Rio' Adventure".

Consider your company whole-heartedly endorsed!

John's Adventures include:
Taste of Chile (and Dash of Argentina)
South American Splendors
Rendezvous in Rio
New Zealand Grand Tour
Escape to Antarctica (and Ushuaia)
Africa Off-Road
Southern Cross (Africa)
Portugal, Spain and Morocco

John Dinges
Lebanon, Oregon

Bikers Delight

Biker's delight. These are the words that come to my mind when I think of my Ayres Adventures tours. Great rides, sensational places, good food and great fun. A big "Thank you!" to the whole Ayres team for creating such an experience, you're doing an awesome job. I am looking forward to riding with you again.

Michael's Adventures include:
Machu Picchu Excursion
Southern Cross
Namibian Splendors
Spain and Morocco
Norwegian Midnight Sun
Top Down Adventure

Michael B
Cologne, Germany