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We urge our guests to obtain medical coverage while in a foreign country, including evacuation insurance. For the last several years we have obtained such coverage for our tour leaders. There are several reasons why we use MEDEX ourselves:

  • The coverage is relatively inexpensive and may be purchased for only the days that you are out of the country.
  • Unlike some medical evacuation insurance programs that we’re familiar with, MEDEX covers the cost of medical care (as well as evacuation) if you are ill or injured while on your trip.
  • You may purchase trip cancellation and interruption insurance along with your medical coverage.

When you travel abroad, your current health insurance may not cover you. MEDEX pays directly to foreign hospitals and covers evacuation. MEDEX is backed by the 24/7 MEDEX Emergency Response Center – a call center staffed by MEDEX’s team of physicians, nurses and assistance coordinators. On the few occassions in which we’ve needed the service, we found it to be outstanding.

Check to see if your current medical coverage will cover both medical expenses and medical evacuation services. If it does not, consider MEDEX or another insurance company.

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