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Imagine yourself somewhere, that no matter which way you turn, it is impossible to face east, it is impossible to face west, it is impossible to face north. Where are you? The North Pole! It is the only place on earth where you can experience the unique phenomenon of only being able to face south. The North Pole is a land of extremes. Every day is either constant daylight or constant darkness, depending on the season. It is unquestionably one of the most fascinating places on earth.

Ayres Adventures first offered our 36-day Super Tour to this incredible destination in 2017. Our North Pole Adventure was such an awesome experience that we decided to make it available again in 2019. This Super Tour combines a motorcycle odyssey from Finland through Russia and Norway, with a 12-day cruise aboard the most powerful icebreaker in the world. As we did in 2017, we expect to be able to take a motorcycle with us so our guests can claim to have ridden a motorcycle at the North Pole.

The Adventure begins in Helsinki, Finland, traverses the Russian border to Saint Petersburg and continues on to Murmansk, launch point for the North Pole cruise. The 50 Years of Victory icebreaker will crush through polar ice and deliver travelers to the North Pole, through the remote islands of Franz Joseph Land. A fleet of Zodiacs will allow closer wildlife exploration through the islands. Scientists and researchers who staff the ship will share their knowledge through a series of informal lectures. Guest may also opt to take a helicopter ride into the dazzling blue arctic sky to observe the stunning beauty of the landscape from above.

At the completion of the 12-day cruise, riding continues north of the Arctic Circle into the land of the midnight sun. Our destination is the North Cape, Norway, which is world’s northernmost accessible point on two wheels using paved roads. The return journey through Norway is a stunning extravaganza of extraordinary vistas along the fjord-carved coast of Norway to the Lofoten Island archipelago. Mountains rise out of the sea, and white beaches with turquoise water inspire an impression of the Caribbean Sea rather than a region far north of the Arctic Circle.

Adrenalin-infused riding along mountain roads, and the never-ending forests and vast plains of Swedish Lapland, combined with the pristine beauty of Finland, ‘the land of a thousand lakes’, provides a stunning and surreal backdrop to this extreme adventure!

Features of this exciting Adventure include:

  • An ultimate adventure cruise to the North Pole on board the world’s most powerful icebreaker
  • A helicopter sightseeing flight with beautiful aerial views of the Arctic Ocean
  • Zodiac trips to view wildlife around the islands of Franz Joseph Land
  • An exciting 300-mile ride beyond the Arctic Circle to the North Cape, Norway
  • Two nights in a luxury hotel in central Saint Petersburg with the option to tour the Hermitage Museum or the stunning palaces at St. Peterhof
  • An afternoon cruise on Lake Ladoga, one the largest lakes in Europe
  • A boat cruise to Kizhi Island, a UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage site.
  • A visit to the museum on Kizhi Island, one of the largest open air museums in Russia
  • A 4-hour ferry ride to the Lofoton Islands
  • A ferry ride from Sweden to Finland across the Gulf of Bothnia
  • Beautiful riding through Finnish Lapland, the land of the Samis

Additional information:

  • The North Pole Adventure will be guided by two highly experienced Ayres Adventures guides who have experience in leading tours in all the countries we ride through.
  • During our ride in Russia we are joined by a local guide who has travelled the country extensively, is fluent in Russian and English and has experience guiding motorcycle tours.
  • We have a fully equipped support vehicle to carry luggage, tools and necessary equipment required for this tour. The support vehicle will also have plenty of space and spare seats for non-riding companions.
  • The ‘50 Years of Victory’ is the world’s largest and most powerful ice breaker. It has done countless trips to the North Pole. During the cruise we will have the expertise of a highly experienced crew and expedition team.
  • Throughout the North Pole Adventure we will keep a daily blog on the Ayres Adventures website for your friends and family to follow, as you experience this incredible adventure. We will also take a ‘Spot device’ which will be linked to a live map on the blog page. It will update every half an hour showing the world our exact location throughout the tour.

Space and the number of cabins are very limited on this tour. We would highly recommend booking early as we are unable to reserve cabins on the ship without the guests details and deposit.

At a Glance Your North Pole Adventure

North Pole Return Ayres Adventures

This is the official arrival day for the North Pole Adventure. Your tour leaders will meet you at the airport as you exit the custom’s hall and they will escort you to the hotel in downtown Helsinki. During the course of the day, your tour leaders will hand over the motorcycles before going through the tour details at the kick-off briefing. Our first dinner together will be enjoyed at a very special local restaurant.

North Pole Return Ayres Adventures

The first riding day of the tour is a short day to allow time for the border crossing into Russia. Welcome to Russia! Once across the border we will be met by a local Russian guide who will assist us during our time in Russia.

North Pole Return Ayres Adventures A good day’s journey as we ride along the Gulf of Finland coastline on our way to Saint Petersburg. We will spend two nights there to experience this incredible city.

North Pole Return Ayres Adventures

This is a free day to explore Saint Petersburg. A short walk from the hotel is the Hermitage Museum, a museum of art and culture and one of the largest and oldest museums in the world. You can also join a guided tour to see the palaces and gardens of St. Peterhof, the” Versailles” of Russia, built in the time of Peter the Great.

North Pole Return Ayres Adventures Today we enjoy a short riding day along the west shore of Lake Ladoga, the largest lake in Europe. In the afternoon we take a boat cruise on this stunning lake, rich in trade history dating back to the Middle Ages.

North Pole Return Ayres Adventures

This easy day of riding through more remote parts of Russia offers some great riding and interesting scenery. With plans to arrive early in Petrozavodsk, the capital of the Karelia region, we will have time to take a boat cruise to Kizhi Island where we can visit one of the largest open air museums in Russia. The architectural ensemble of the Kizhi Pogost is a UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage site.

North Pole Return Ayres Adventures This is one of the longer riding days of the tour. Today we enjoy a great ride through remote landscapes as we journey to the historic village of Kem. Due to its strategic location close to the west shore of the White Sea, this small Russian village has a rich, varied and dubious history dating back to the 13th century.

North Pole Return Ayres Adventures

Expect a full day of riding on good paved roads as we head to Murmansk, our embarkation point for the North Pole. Once in Murmansk we will park the bikes and get ready for our incredible adventures on an ice breaker as we head to the top of the world.

North Pole Return Ayres Adventures

Today we will board the vessel ‘50 Years of Victory’, the world’s most powerful ice breaker, to be taken to our ultimate destination, the North Pole.

North Pole Return Ayres Adventures

The next few days sailing will give us the opportunity to enjoy several informative and topical lectures delivered on board the vessel as we journey north. The boat is equipped with a gym, pool, basketball court and sauna. More impressively, it is also equipped with a large helicopter, which provides scenic flights over the Arctic Ocean, one of the many highlights you can enjoy during this tour.

North Pole Return Ayres Adventures A chance of a life time, today you stand at the North Pole! The entire world under your feet and a southern view in any direction you look! Be sure to bring your camera as you are now one of the few people in the world to experience this feat. To mark this amazing day we will celebrate with champagne and a barbeque on the ice!

North Pole Return Ayres Adventures

Full steam ahead as we sail back to towards Russia. While relaxing on board, be watchful for polar bears, seals and bird wildlife as the powerful ship breaks through the ice packs.

North Pole Return Ayres Adventures

During our return trip from the North Pole towards Murmansk we will explore the Franz Joseph Land, an archipelago composed of 191 islands within the Arctic Circle. Weather permitting, you can jump aboard one of the zodiacs and enjoy the spectacular scenery through the islands. If flying is more to your taste, take a scenic helicopter flight over the islands for breathtaking aerial views and sightseeing.

North Pole Return Ayres Adventures

While sailing back to Murmansk we will enjoy some relaxing time on board the ship. This is a great time to make use of the many amenities the vessel has to offer. Bird and wildlife watching is an on-going enjoyment!

North Pole Return Ayres Adventures

Be sure to enjoy your last few hours on the vessel as today we will sail into Murmansk. Once back in Murmansk we will disembark and head back to the same hotel that we stayed at before leaving for the North Pole.

North Pole Return

We are back on the bikes for a quick and easy ride to the Russian/Norwegian border. Good bye Russia, hello beautiful Norway! Once we get to Kirkenes you will have the option of relaxing at the hotel or riding an additional 50 Mile loop to Jacobselv where the bravest among us can swim in the Barents Sea!

North Pole Return Ayres Adventures

Today is a full day of very scenic riding. It is the first day of riding along Norway’s beautiful fjords, which are part of the Southern Shore of the Barents Sea. We stay the night in Lakselv, a small yet interesting little town that sits on the most southern part of Porsanger fjord. You are now 70° North, further north than Fairbanks, Alaska.

North Pole Return Ayres Adventures

Be prepared for an amazing day of riding. We will enjoy fun roads and stunning scenery, including a ride along the Porsangerfjorden. From Lakselv to Honningsvåg, the northernmost city in Europe, we keep riding to the North Cape, the northernmost tip of Europe. While we are there we will visit the North Cape Museum and snap a great picture of our group. Wind and harsh weather may make this journey even more epic!

We will backtrack 82 miles to Olderfjord and onward to Alta where we will spend the night. The town of Alta is famous for its rock carvings dating from 4200 BC to 500 BC and also for the German WW II battleship Tirpitz, which used an arm of the Altafjord as a harbor and was eventually damaged by attacking allied warplanes.

North Pole Return Ayres Adventures

Another breathtaking ride as we travel southwest along the twisty Norwegian coastline with spectacular fjords and views of the Lyngen Alps. Be prepared for visionary overload! Tromsö is called the “Paris of the North” and is the largest town in northern Norway offering great night life during the long summer days.

North Pole Return Ayres Adventures

Enjoy both the northernmost brewery in the world and the Arctic Museum in Tromsö! A hike (or cable car) up Mt. Storsteinen offers spectacular views of the city centre both during the day and at night when the city is lit up. The historical city of Tromsö is an interesting place to explore and take in the sights on an afternoon walk. For the avid riders there is an optional half day ride in the surrounding area of Tromsö.

North Pole Return Ayres Adventures

Be prepared for another day of astounding scenic overload! On our way to the Lofoten islands we will experience incredible riding along the shoreline of several fjords such as Balsfjord, an area of unparalleled beauty. Enjoy the splendor of birch- lined mountain roads on our way to the pleasant town of Harstad, home port for the Anna Rogde, the world’s oldest sailing schooner, also known as the sailing queen of Norway.

North Pole Return Ayres Adventures

Brace yourself for the surreal beauty of mountains rising directly out of the sea, crystal clear water, sheltered bays, snow white beaches and colourful fishing villages as if they were from a picture book – the archipelago of the Lofoten Islands is the undisputed scenic highlight of this tour.

North Pole Return Ayres Adventures

The Lofoten Islands have many attractions such as a Viking Museum, a glass factory, fishing trips, outstanding scenery and the region around the village of Svolvaer is a great place to spend a free day hiking. Of course there is also the option of a short yet stunning loop ride around the island.

North Pole Return Ayres Adventures

In the morning we will ride to the southern-most end of the Lofoten Islands where the scenery is undoubtedly the most astounding of all the riding thus far. We will embark a ferry for a 4 hour trip back to the Norwegian mainland and arrive in the city of Bodö in the late afternoon.

North Pole Return Ayres Adventures

We ride inland along the Skjerstadfjord and pass by Saltstraumen, a small strait with the world’s strongest tidal current in the world. A twisty mountainous road leads us back to the E6, the main route through Norway. On this road we will make our way south as we cross the Arctic Circle. We will stop at The Arctic Circle Tourist Centre in Saltfjellet as it is well worth a visit. Our journey today will end with a trip over an amazing cantilever bridge as we ride into Sandnessjoen, one of the highlights of the day! From now on you will notice the nights getting darker.

North Pole Return Ayres Adventures

Today is a full day of great riding. Our morning starts with a spectacular ride along the Vefsnfjorden, we join the E6 again as we continue to head south through Norway. Our destination, Trondheim, is the third most populous city of Norway.

North Pole Return Ayres Adventures

Trondheim is a gorgeous city with many pedestrian walkways, sights of interest and a robust night life, it is the perfect place to stroll around and experience the local vibe on your rest day. Be sure to carry your camera with you as this is a very picturesque part of the world. Founded more than 1000 years ago, Trondheim was originally the capital of Norway in the Viking Age but is now a lively and attractive university city. The city is home to the medieval Nidaros Cathedral as well as several other churches, museums and the old town with its former wooden warehouses along the river transformed into colourful shops and restaurants.

North Pole Return Ayres Adventures

Today we head east and cross the border to Sweden. We ride through Swedish Lapland and the land of the Samis, the only indigenous people in Europe. Lakes, rivers and never ending forests- Welcome to Sweden!

North Pole Return Ayres Adventures

In the morning we cover the remaining distance to the port of Umea either inland or along the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia. At Umea we board a ferry to cross the Gulf of Bothnia to Vaasa, Finland. Welcome back to Finland!

North Pole Return Ayres Adventures

Today is a full riding day as we make our way through Finland, the land of ten thousand lakes, before arriving back in the capital of Helsinki in the afternoon. We have completed our loop of more than 3,100 miles on motorcycles plus a 10 day cruise to the North Pole! We made it as far north as our bikes could take us, crossed the Arctic Circle, sailed to the North Pole and rode through remote and intensely beautiful countries of 4 northern European nations. Tonight we will enjoy a very special final dinner together and reminisce about our incredible adventure.

North Pole Return Ayres Adventures

After breakfast we will shuttle you to the airport. We hope you enjoyed this incredible adventure and enjoy the many photographs that you will have taken during the tour. Have a safe flight home!

The route is entirely paved.



  • Includes BMW F700GS
  • Additional charge of $900 for a BMW F800GS
  • Additional charge of $1,120 for a BMW F800GS Adv
  • Additional charge of $2,000 for a BMW R1200GS LC
  • Additional charge of $2,440 for a BMW R1200GS Adv LC
  • Additional charge of $2,440 for a BMW R1200RT LC
  • Own motorcycle: deduct $3,400 from the rider price.
Single room supplement – $2,985 (Motorcycle section only.)

  • All breakfasts and 32 dinners
  • All lunches while on board ship
  • 18 Riding days plus 3 optional riding days
  • 4 Free days excluding sailing days
  • 12-day sailing trip

Deposit per person: $12,750

Start DateDurationPrice (USD)Co-RiderCabinNote
Jun 16 - Jul 2136 Days$52,030$48,610Standard Twin SuiteIncluding a BMW F700GS
Jun 16 - Jul 2136 Days$56,400$52,980Mini Suite
Jun 16 - Jul 2136 Days$64,950$61,530Suite
Jun 16 - Jul 2136 Days$68,200$64,780Victory Suite
Jun 16 - Jul 2136 Days$69,250$65,830Arktika Suite
Start DateDurationPrice (USD)Co-RiderCabinNote
Jun 14 - Jul 1936 Days$52,030$48,610Standard Twin SuiteIncluding a BMW F700GS
Jun 14 - Jul 1936 Days$56,400$52,980Mini Suite
Jun 14 - Jul 1936 Days$64,950$61,530Suite
Jun 14 - Jul 1936 Days$68,200$64,780Victory Suite
Jun 14 - Jul 1936 Days$69,250$65,830Arktika Suite

Payment and cancellation details:

  • 180 days or more prior to tour start date: $1,500 cancellation fee
  • 179-121 days prior to tour start date: 100% of deposit ($12,750)
  • 120 days or less prior to tour start date: 100% of full tour payment.
  • Full payment is due 120 days before the start of the tour.

If I have to pick one word, it's "professionalism"!

Geoffrey R Smith, Testimonial, Ayres Adventures

I guess after six trips with the gang from Ayres, I should write something about why I keep coming back for yet another tour. If I have to pick one word, it's "professionalism". Although they make each day look easy in terms of getting from point A to point B, on reflection it becomes so apparent that each route is well thought out and chosen for specific reasons, whether it be the scenery, road conditions, or degree of difficulty. It all seems to work so seamlessly which allows the rider to focus on the ride and his or her surroundings. Whether it's Claus or John or Axel, you know that one of them has your back, especially when you tackle a road that a month ago was paved but is now a mess and foot deep in mud or the road is closed and the detour a real challenge. And finally, at the end of the day, they're a hell of a lot of fun to have a drink with! In the final analysis, it makes for pretty much a perfect vacation.

Geoffrey's Adventures include:
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Machu Picchu Excursion
Ushuaia and Antarctica
Norwegian Midnight Sun
Munich to Istanbul
The Epic Journey Riga to Hong Kong
Iceland Adventure
North Pole Adventure

Geoffrey has written several articles/blogs about his experiences on our tours:
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Geoffrey R. Smith
West Hollywood, LA
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