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New Zealanders or ‘Kiwi’s’ – named after the rare indigenous flightless bird and national icon – are rightly proud of their breathtaking scenery and its huge diversity. Where else in the world do glaciers meet rainforests? You can also ride coast to coast in as few as four hours! In the same day you can visit high alpine plateaus, lush semi temperate rainforests, pastoral farmland and a major city (or two!).
New Zealand has a rich diversity of cultures. Most of its people are of European descent. Maori make up 15%, a further 6.5% come from the Pacific (Fiji, Tonga, Cook Islands, Samoa, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Tokelau, Nauru) and people from Asia now number more than 7% of the population.

New Zealand seems to have been designed by a motorcyclist, for motorcyclists. Tucked away at the bottom of the South Pacific, it is the hidden treasure of the motorcycling world. In New Zealand, it’s never necessary to “pay your dues” in order to reach great motorcycling roads – they’re all great! The landscape changes with nearly every turn. A single day may include rugged mountains, lush farmlands, volcanic plateaus, ancient rain forests, pristine blue lakes and the sparkling waters of the South Pacific and Tasman Sea.

Imagine looking out your window in Queenstown at night at a view that was the backdrop to the movie, “Lord Of The Rings”; being lulled to sleep by the sound of the Tasman Sea during your stay in Punakaiki; watching as the last rays of light shine on the summit of Aoraki/Mt Cook (New Zealand’s highest peak); and finally breathing in the air of an active geothermal field during your stay in Rotorua. This is New Zealand. We’ve been sharing this gem of a motorcycling paradise with riders for eight years. Word is getting around – as riders who have experienced New Zealand return to tell friends of their discovery. They rave about well-engineered roads, incredible scenery, friendly people, world-class food and fine accommodations.

Our Australia – Adventure Down Under includes lush eucalypti forests, twisty roads, romantic beaches, the Australian Alps, and of course those adorable kangaroos. Marvel at Australia’s stunning Great Ocean Road and enjoy an overnight ferry to Tasmania for four days of riding on this unique and beautiful island featuring great local food, rain forests and lovely wilderness back roads. Ride Australia’s highest accessible road in the Snowy Mountains and peer through the blue mist to see the cliffs of the Blue Mountains.

Date2017 AdventuresDaysPrice (USD)Co-riderNotes
January 21 - February 2Top Down Adventure13$7,900$5,900
October 21 - November 4Australia - Adventure Down Under
(Melbourne to Sydney)
November 4 - 16Top Down Adventure13$7,900$5,900

Date2018 AdventuresDaysPrice (USD)Co-riderNotes
January 20 - February 1Top Down Adventure13$7,900$5,900
October 20 - November 3Australia - Adventure Down Under
(Melbourne to Sydney)
November 3 - 15Top Down Adventure13$7,900$5,900

Once you travel with Ayres Adventures there is no going back!

First class all the way! Awesome roads and amazing lodging. Staff brings the group together and makes everyone feel welcome and at ease. Gives us plenty of time on the bikes and off the bikes to enjoy our new friends. Does a great job dealing with the unexpected and last minute changes which are bound to happen with any event. Why go with any other group - once you travel with Ayres Adventures there is no going back - they are top notch. This is my 4th trip and saving my money for the next one.

John and Heidi's Adventures include:
New Zealand Top Down Adventure
Ushuaia and Antarctica
Africa Call of the Wild
Iron Butt Viking Run

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