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The Ayres Adventures Style

Ready for an African “boma”

When asked why they are so enthusiastic about recommending an Ayres Adventure to their friends, many riders comment on how well they like our style of doing things. So what exactly is “The Ayres Adventures Style”?

It’s a Standard of Excellence that sets us apart from other motorcycle tour companies. Most of our tours carry the “Premium Tour” label, which calls for the following standards:

  • High Quality Accommodations and Meals. Smaller groups enable us to use smaller, more interesting “boutique” hotels and lodges that simply can’t accommodate large groups. Many of our most favorite places have only 8-14 rooms, and we often book the entire place. You won’t find a tour bus parked outside the vast majority of our lodges. Our relatively “upscale dining” does not mean a gut-busting dinner at a hotel’s buffet every evening. Although for some overnight stops the most interesting restaurant may be located at our hotel, we usually avoid dining in hotels. We prefer very nice, local restaurants, where riders can experience great local cuisine while dining with the locals. The major difference between our “style” and that of many competitors is that we don’t restrict our riders to limited choice, “tour group” or “set” menus and we always include non-alcoholic beverages with our dinners. Our guests may order whatever they like.

  • Small, Intimate Groups. Our Adventures aren’t designed for the masses – they are much more personal. We limit most trips to 10 customer motorcycles. You’re likely to feel as though you haven’t been on a “tour” at all – but have had a wonderful adventure with a small group of friends.

  • Self Operated Tours “Always”. We operate our own tours worldwide, using our own employees. Customers can expect the same high standards whether they are touring Africa, Asia, Europe, New Zealand, North America or South America.

  • Experienced Tour Leaders. Our tour leaders are the best in the business. They are totally committed (and empowered) to operate in accordance with “The Ayres Adventures Style”.

  • Late Model, Quality Motorcycles. In Africa, Europe, North America and South America, we provide late-model BMW motorcycles. In New Zealand you can also select Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki,Triumph and Yamaha. In many markets we can also provide a Can-Am Spyder or a trike. For trips in which we’re sometimes far from our fleet of bikes or from a service facility (typically Africa and South America), we take a spare motorcycle. We don’t want anyone’s vacation to be interrupted by a mechanical failure.

  • Exciting Activities Included in Tour Price. Most of our adventures include exciting activities in the tour price. Examples include a Chobe River cruise in Botswana, a tango show in Buenos Aires, and numerous game drives in Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania and Kenya. We include several other exciting activities and excursions.

  • Luggage Handling and Support. We use a comfortable support vehicle on all of our trips for transporting luggage and non-riding guests. Riders appreciate our “leave the luggage to us” policy. We don’t just load and unload your baggage from the support vehicle – we deliver it between your room and the support vehicle.

  • Airport Transfers. Assuming that you arrive on our scheduled arrival day, we’ll meet your flight and escort you to your hotel . We’ll also accompany you to your flight at the conclusion of your adventure.

  • Comprehensive Trip Planning and Support Materials. We provide a customized copy of our trip planning booklet, “The Plan Ahead”, in advance of the trip. The booklet provides a day-by-day itinerary with suggestions on “must see” attractions along the way. We also provide maps and route instructions. You can ride with a tour leader, ride by yourself, or ride with a few other Adventurers, as you wish.

  • The Adventurer Club. We offer the most generous frequent traveler award program in the industry. It’s simple and straightforward and available for both riders and co-riders. There are no “blackout periods”, award expiration dates, or trips that are not eligible for award use.

Many riders who have toured extensively claim that our trips are the best they have ever had. Take a look at our Testimonials. You can request testimonials sorted by the areas of the world in which we travel. Riders say it much better than we ever could! And don’t forget to check out the articles that have been written about us in major motorcycling publications. We’ve included a selection on the Newsreel on our home page.


Ayres Adventures. Where style IS substance!