Epic Journeys

The motorcycle tour industry has recently seen a dramatic increase in the number of riders interested in global touring. As this market has grown, so has the enthusiasm among riders for longer, more adventuresome journeys. Whereas Ayres Adventures offers a wide selection of tours of various categories on every continent, many previous customers have expressed interest in extensive journeys to exotic destinations.

In response, we have introduced a portfolio of Epic Journeys that will enable motorcycle adventurers to cover the world with us – one Epic Journey at a time. These Epic Journeys will typically be 60 days or more in duration, and with some exceptions, will entail use of the rider’s own motorcycle.

Consistent with our reputation for premium-level motorcycle travel, many features of our Epic Journeys are unique to Ayres Adventures. These include:

  • Robust logistical support, including support vehicle(s) and trailer to transport rider luggage, spare motorcycle and non-riding companions, thereby relieving participants of the burden of packing luggage on motorcycles.
  • Professional team of knowledgeable tour leaders and support personnel.
  • Best accommodations available, with many premium-level accommodations and meals.
  • Exceptional selection of off-bike activities and cultural events to insure that riders will fully experience the journey, rather than rushing from one overnight stop to the next.

Our first Epic Journey, from Moscow to Hong Kong, is scheduled for 2015. As of January 2014 this Adventure is almost full-booked, with most registrants having already completed multiple trips with us. Other Epic Journeys are planned for 2015 and beyond. Check back from time to time or send an email to The Epic Journey if you would like to receive updates regarding these Adventures.

DateThe JourneyDaysPrice (USD)Co-riderNotes
Jul 23 - Sep 29, 2017Riga to Hong Kong69$38,500$37,000