Mongolia and Eastern Siberia Adventure

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Our 16-day Mongolia and Eastern Siberia Adventure begins and ends in Barnaul in Eastern Siberia and continues into Mongolia, where riders will spend eight days riding the vast expanses of this fascinating country.

Mongolia remains one of the few countries in the world which has retained the ancient culture and traditions of their steppe ancestors. Few places are so remote and uninhabited, yet incredibly beautiful. Mongolia is truly an adventure destination where motorcyclists can see the traditions of the past still practiced today by hardy nomads dwelling on the country’s vast steppes and deserts.

Mongolia features spectacular rural landscapes, vast steppes, rugged mountains, clear lakes and abundant wildlife and livestock. It’s this true wilderness experience that many people find so appealing.

As exciting a destination as Mongolia is, riders will be no less impressed with the magnificent motorcycling in the Altai region of Eastern Siberia. This region has long been a favorite destination for Russian off-road enthusiasts.

Take a look back at our Mongolia and Eastern Siberia Adventure 2015 through the photos and stories posted by our tour leader and participants.

Highlights of this exciting adventure include:

  • Use of the BMW F650GS motorcycle, equipped for off-road riding. It’s the ideal motorcycle for the demands of this Adventure.
  • Small group – limited to eight riders.
  • Support vehicle for transporting rider luggage.
  • Travel the famous Chuysky Trakt, connecting Eastern Siberia with Mongolia.
  • Overnights in a combination of hotels, tent camps, and traditional Mongolian Gers.
  • River crossings, high mountain passes, and riding across the steppe where there are no roads – only directions!
  • Activities include fishing for the famous Mongolian Osman, camel riding, and bathing in authentic Russian banyas (steam houses).
  • Riders who are interested can arrange for a two-night stopover in Moscow that includes airport transfers, dinners, and a tour of the city, including the Kremlin and Red Square.

The tour is for very experienced off-road riders. On a six-point scale for difficulty and complexity, this Adventure is estimated between four and five.

Although we will accept co-riders on this Adventure, riders are warned that this should be done ONLY by couples who are very experienced in technical off-road riding. There will be no facility for co-riders to travel in a support vehicle. Co-riders must be prepared to complete the entire trip as pillions.

This tour is operated in conjunction with our Siberian-based travel partner.

At a Glance Your Mongolia and Eastern Siberia Adventure

Mongolian and Eastern Siberian Adventure Welcome to Altai! The tour leaders will take you to the hotel in the city center. You will probably arrive in Barnaul early, so you’ll have enough time to rest after the flight and walk around the city. In the evening we’ll meet for a kick off meeting and dinner.

Mongolian and Eastern Siberian Adventure In the morning you will get your motorbikes and ride to Biysk, the only city behind the Ural mountains founded by Peter the Great. It stands at the beginning of the famous Chuyskiy Trakt which connects Russia with Mongolia. After lunch in Blysk we’ll head to Manzherok Holiday Village where we’ll spend the night.
Mongolian and Eastern Siberian Adventure Today we’ll have a great riding day! Following the Chuisky Trakt we’ll see frothy rivers, picturesque passes and craggy cliffs. The highest point of the Chuysky high road is 1.2 miles above the sea level, with an ascent of 5.5 miles and a descent of 6.8 miles. The old Altai name of the Seminsky pass is Dyal-Menka (“The timeless mountain”).

We’ll stop at Chiket Aman pass (1 miles) and have lunch with stunning views over the valley. We’ll spend the night in the tourist camp “Nomad”. Those who wish can try a banya (Russian steam house).

Mongolian and Eastern Siberian Adventure We ride through the Chuiskaya Steppe, a highland semidesert situated in the Russian Altai Mountains in a hollow between the Kuraiskii and Yuzhno-Chuiskii Mountain ranges to the Mongolian border. We’ll ride boundless expanses and unpaved roads. We’ll spend a night in traditional Mongolian gers near the border.
Mongolian and Eastern Siberian Adventure We start to explore Mongolia and ride on the mountain gorge to the river Mogen – Buren. This is a nice place to enjoy the beauty of the mountain range Mongun – Taiga, and its highest point – “Silver Mountain” (3976 m). After a stop for taking pictures we’ll ride to the mountain pass Tergen – Uul and come to the alpine steppe and to the regional center – Ulaangom City, where we’ll stay for the night.
Mongolian and Eastern Siberian Adventure Today you can feel that you are in the real “wild” Mongolia. There are no roads, there are just directions. So todays ride will be rather challenging. But it won’t prevent us from finding the way to our ger camp which is among the rocks near the biggest salt lake in Mongolia – Hyargas Lake.
Mongolian and Eastern Siberian Adventure You can ride in the area or go fishing. There are chances to catch the Mongolian Osman.

Mongolian and Eastern Siberian Adventure

You will see a variety of scenery – lush valleys and hills are followed by sand dunes and snowy peaks. Enjoying the views we head to Zavhan River where we’ll spend a night camping in tents.

Mongolian and Eastern Siberian Adventure The shortest but the most challenging day! We’ll ride in the gravel-sand semi-desert and will cross some parts of the desert. We can stop and walk on the dunes or even ride a camel. Our way also goes through the National Park known as the Great Lake Basin. On its territory there are eight lakes that are formed as a result of tectonic activity. We’ll spend our night in a tent camp on the sandy shore of the Durgen-Nuur Lake, which is part of this system.

Mongolian and Eastern Siberian Adventure Riding along the Jargalant Khairkhan mountain range, we cross its southern part and descend to the steppes. You will see gazelle passing you, gers with tremendously hospitable Mongolians and picturesque scenery. Finally we come to the Trans-Mongolian southern motorway Ulgiy – Ulaanbaatar and we head to Khovd. We’ll spend the night in a hotel in the city.
Mongolian and Eastern Siberian Adventure We’ll make a stop at the largest monastery of western Mongolia and at the local market in case if you wish to purchase souvenirs. Riding a relatively good road, we’ll cross two passes and will come to a very beautiful freshwater lake – Tolbo Nuur.
Mongolian and Eastern Siberian Adventure We’ll move back to Russia, cross the border and following the familiar road we’ll come to “Nomad” tourist camp, where we’ll spend the night. We’ll have a late dinner and the opportunity to visit a banya (Russian steam house).

Mongolian and Eastern Siberian Adventure You can relax at the tourist camp or ride in the area along the Chuya and Mazhoy rivers.

Mongolian and Eastern Siberian Adventure Today is the longest riding day. We’ll move back by the picturesque Chuisky Trakt. We’ll have lunch at a small café and stay at the comfortable hotel on the territory of Belokuriha Resort where you can relax after a long day.
Mongolian and Eastern Siberian Adventure Riding by the perfect paved road we’ll come to Barnaul. If you wish we can visit the Museum of Chuisky Trakt. We’ll have a farewell dinner in the Bike Bar.

Total length: 2,050 miles

This trip is intended for experienced riders.





Standard Inclusions
  • Late model, low mileage motorcycle
  • All accommodations
  • A’ la carte dining
  • One Ayres Adventures professional tour leader assisted by local guide
  • Airport arrival/departure transfers
  • Luggage handling
  • Support vehicle for non-riding companions
  • Comprehensive pre-trip planning and assistance
  • Customized trip booklet with day-by-day itinerary and attractions
  • Two commemorative shirts
  • Adventurer Club travel award credit
  • All meals

Deposit per person: $800

Single accommodations in Russia, shared accommodations in Mongolia. Surcharge of $350 for single accommodations in Mongolia.

For riders wishing to enjoy a two-night stopover in Moscow, the per person cost is $500, double occupancy. This includes airport transfers, dinners, and a tour of the city, including Red Square and the Kremlin.

This tour is available for private groups. Please call +1 (877)-275-8238 or email us for more details.