We will definitely ride with Ayres again


My wife and I both rode with Ayres Adventures for the first time on their Prudhoe Bay/Alaska tour. We were both impressed with the organised structure of the tour; our tour guides were of an exceptionally high calibre.

We will definitely ride with Ayres again.

Robin and Pixie participated in our Prudhoe Bay Excursion

A great time was had by all.


Our tour leader, Axel, was excellent. Not only did he check out the bikes each day and get us on the perfect roads but also he was the perfect leader and had an ability to gently convince 7 head strong, high energy clients to do the right thing all the time. A great time was had by all.

Cliff participated in our Viking Run

Cliff Gunter
Houston, Texas

Prudhoe Bay was truly a bucket list event.

DougBrown (1).jpg

Ron – just a quick note to let you know what a great time the Prudhoe Bay Excursion was. Ed and Art did a great job and are to be commended for their professionalism. Everyone in the group was a pleasure to have on the trip – no 'flamers' which can make for a more challenging experience. Was truly a bucket list event.

Again, my thanks and hope to ride with you again soon.

Doug participated in our Prudhoe Bay Excursion

Doug Brown
Chardon, Ohio

Our vacation with you ranks as the best yet !!!


Just wanted to thank you all for a wonderful vacation !!!!

My wife Lynne and I have traveled all over the states on our Goldwing. Our vacation with you ranks as the best yet !!!

Claus and Axle are AWESOME !!! Both super fun to be with. The switchbacks were awesome!!! The bikes super fun to ride. The scenery was terrific.

Claus and Axle make a terrific team to ride with. They each having different riding styles and personalities which was awesome.

We certainly will be doing this again !!

Thanks much.

Jeff and Lynne Bleess participated in our Switchback Challenge

Jeff and Lynne Bleess
Spicer, Minnesota

We had an amazing Adventure and are looking forward to more trips with Ayres!


This trip exceeded our expectations time and again. From the moment we arrived in Africa, everything was well-planned and easy. The accommodations were top notch and our tour guides, John and Jason, were the icing on the cake. They were fun, kind, and extremely knowledgeable. We had an amazing Adventure and are looking forward to more trips with Ayres.”

Jann Barber O’Hara and Chris O’Hara participated in our Call of the Wild Adventure

Jann Barber O’Hara and Chris O’Hara
Morgantown, West Virginia

An absolutely fabulous adventure!


This was an absolutely fabulous adventure – the location, the lodging, the meals (!), the riding, the scenery and all the details made it perfect!

Starting from the pre-trip communication all the way through the departure back home, the team at Ayres handled everything perfectly. The guides (Claus and Axel) were wonderful, providing daily information and handled all the details seamlessly. The small group size (10 bikes) allowed the riders to interact and get to know each other. I’ve had lots of good days in my life but the day that started in Ingeli Forest lodge and finished in Kruger Park with an evening safari and sundowner cocktails in a dried riverbed was one of the best ever!

South Africa is a great place to visit and this is a fabulous way to visit. Thanks, Ayres Adventures !!

Peter has completed our Africa Southern Cross Adventure

Peter Oxenbol
Clayton, California

More awesome than we could ever have imagined!


Hi Ron,
I just wanted to touch base with you about our recent trip to New Zealand with Ayres Adventures. It was a trip of a lifetime that was more awesome than we could ever have imagined.

Chris and Bryn did an outstanding job in leading us and showing us their country the New Zealand way. The bikes ran great, the weather was excellent, the scenery outstanding, the roads were awesome with lots of curves, the food was amazing and our tour group of people all got along as good friends.

I could go on and on, but words cannot express the fun we had on this tour. Everything was top notch! A truly amazing journey!

Bob and Robin Hyde completed our New Zealand Top Down Adventure
(Auckland to Christchurch)

Bob and Robin Hyde
Plymouth, Minnesota

The Southern Cross Tour was everything it claimed to be and much more


I just returned from South Africa and my first Ayres Adventure with a dozen customers. I've nothing but praise for the entire team. The Southern Cross Tour was everything it claimed to be and much more. From the bikes to the lodging to the dining it was all fabulous. Our two guides insured it was an incredible two weeks and represented what I feel is a fantastic value for the money. I will be selecting our next tour very soon!

Bob and Suzanne Henig completed our African Southern Cross Adventure

Bob Henig of Bob's BMW
Bob's BMW

Мы вернемся и только с Айрес Эдвенчерс


"Сложно описать наш опыт путешествия с Айрес Эдвенчерс без использования одних превосходных степений прилагательных. Мы путешествовали очень много по Европе, Марокко, Турции, Мексике и Центральной Америке, и мы уже заранее знали, что нас ожидает превосходный тур. Айрес Эдвенчерс заботится о малейших мелочах. Тур к Мачу-Пикчу был поистине фантастическим, незабываемым - такой тур, от которого перехватывает дыхание. Великолепные турлидеры, очень ответственные и старательные.

Южная Америка, мы вернемся вместе с Айрес Эдвенчерс!

Туры Брайна и Маделин (Brian and Madeleine's) включают:
Мототур к Мачу-Пикчу

Damn that was a fun trip!!!!


Ron - The trip rating - an A+. I repeat - an A+.

I don't even know what I paid for this thing......I know it was a chunk of change, and I know it was accurate billing from you folks, and I know I could go back and tally up what it all cost.....adding in your fees, the ATM withdrawals, AmEx/Visa charges, etc.....but truth is - whatEVER it cost me, it was totally worth it. And - even with the cost of the new BMW I'm gonna HAVE to buy now that I'm back home (the local BMW sales rep should pay you a commission!)....the value I got, the money spent vs. the experiences/memories - definitely worth it!

Jim participated in our Viking Run

Jim Vaughn
Kansas City, Missouri

This is my third tour with different tour operators and yours is the best so far!


Hi Ron,

Just a short note to say thanks for a great tour this month of Alaska and the Yukon. I would especially like to thank your tour guides Ed and Juergen who conducted themselves in a highly professional manner where nothing was a problem which greatly contributed to the tour.

The food and accommodations were excellent. I especially liked the gravel roads from Chicken to Dawson City and parts of the Dalton highway.



Mike has done our Alaska/Yukon Adventure

Mike Child
Sydney, Australia

This trip was set up to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but I hope it was not the only time I will visit.


"My lasting impressions of South Africa, Botswana and Namibia are overwhelmingly positive. This trip was set up to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but I hope it was not the only time I will visit." - Corey Hinderstein

"To encapsulate the experience of traveling by Ayres, I compare it to traveling with a wealthy and experienced older brother, one committed to showing you a great time. Once you’ve joined them, you don’t have to worry about a thing beyond paying for a bit of beer or wine on occasion." - Chase Hinderstein

Corey submitted an article about her trip with us. The article was published in Between the Spokes - the magazine of the BMW Club. Click here to see Corey's article.

Chase and Corey have done our African Call of the Wild Adventure

The most wonderful vacation we've ever had!

Before we left for New Zealand, we told ourselves it would be the trip of a lifetime...it was all that and ten times more. Every aspect of the entire experience far exceeded our wildest expectations.

The accommodations and the meals were fabulous, the rides amazing, and the people were the absolute best. It was without a doubt the most wonderful vacation we've ever had.
We will return to New Zealand some day, and we will ride with Ayres again--somewhere in the world.

John and Jane enjoyed the New Zealand Top Down Adventure

John and Jane Jonesco
Oberlin, Ohio

You won't be disappointed!


"I've taken two Ayres Adventures motorcycle tours, two years apart, on two continents - they were both topnotch! I don't normally treat myself to the finest things, but Ayres Adventures did treat us to the finest things, and they did it humbly, with knowing smiles on their faces. They knew the next site, the next route, or the next hotel, was going to knock our socks off. And, sure enough, it did!

I encourage anyone considering an overseas motorcycle trip to choose Ayres Adventures as your host. You won't be disappointed"

Steve's Adventures Include:
Rendezvous in Rio

New Zealand Grand Tour

Steve Morgan
Chicago, Illinois

The cruise to Antarctica will be an unforgettable time in our lives


Heidi and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on the recent Escape to Antarctica/Ushuaia tour. This was our first tour of this sort and any expectations we had were met and far exceeded. Your tour staff was excellent and helpful, as well as our traveling companions.

The cruise to Antarctica will be an unforgettable time in our lives. The ship and crew were all first class. The sights and wildlife in Antarctica are indescribable, and need to be experienced first hand to grasp the magnitude of the seventh continent. Walking amongst the penguins and the seals was a kick. This is an experience enjoyed by few, due to the limited numbers allowed to this truly wild place.

We thank you for the opportunity of a life time to have joined you on this tour, and hopefully we can join another Ayres Adventures tour in the future.

Bob and Heidi's Adventures Include:
Ushuaia and Antarctica

Norwegian Viking Run

Bob and Heidi Still
Yuma, Arizona

We have NO complaints


Thanks for a great trip. We really enjoyed ourselves and we have NO complaints.

There is not much we could suggest that would have improved the experience for us.

Nick and Jool's Adventures Include:
Africa Iron Butt Tour

Prudhoe Bay Excursion (Alaska)

Nick Robbins and Jools Hamilton
Cheltenham, United Kingdom

What a Ride!


What a ride! The IBA (Iron Butt Association) Ushuaia trip attracted me because of the opportunity to ride with like minded individuals who like doing the miles, and I was not disappointed. Challenging conditions like the Patagonian winds and the gravel roads of Chile were taken in stride by this bunch, and we all looked forward to great accommodations and good company at the end of every day.

My personal highlights were chasing Mike Kneebone and Nuno Leotte on the twisty pavement to the Perito Moreno glacier and the 1100 km day riding from Ushuaia to Torres del Paine through some of the finest scenery in the world.

I'll be back for more.

Rick's Adventures Include:
IBA (Iron Butt Association) Ushuaia Tour

African Call of the Wild

African Southern

Portugal, Spain and Morocco

Empire of the Incas (Machu Picchu)

Rick Sauter
Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

It was my first group motorcycle tour, but it will not be my last


It was an exciting, quick paced ride with an entertaining group. The leaders were always available offering encouragement, riding tips or just reliving the day over dinner.

And then of course there are the bragging rights of riding the world with Mike Kneebone and Ron Ayres.

It was my first group motorcycle tour but will not be my last!

Beverly's Adventures Include:

IBA (Iron Butt Association) Ushuaia Tour

Africa Panorama Tour

Beverly Ruffin
Houston, Texas

It's the BEST TRIP we've done so far!


The hotels were excellent overall, the meals were great and had plenty of variation, and the wine! Well, say no more.

It's the BEST TRIP we've done so far. We look forward to traveling with your company again soon.

John Cameron's group enjoyed our Escape to Machu Picchu Adventure

John Cameron and the Kiwi Boys
Te Puke, New Zealand

We’re coming back with Ayres!


"It’s difficult to describe an Ayres Adventures tour without running out of superlatives. We have toured extensively in Europe, Morocco, Turkey, Mexico and Central America, and we know a superb tour when we see one.
Ayres Adventures’ seamless delivery speaks of painstaking behind-the-scenes preparation, down to the smallest detail. The trip to Machu Picchu was jaw-dropping, fantastic, amazing, unforgettable. Our wonderful guides spared no effort in ensuring that we all had a great time.

South America, we’re coming back with Ayres!"

Brian and Madeleine's Adventures Include:
Escape to Machu Picchu

South American Splendors

Brian and Madeleine Speed
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

I can’t imagine how the tour route or hotels could have been improved.


Every moment associated with the tour was enjoyable, from planning and preparation to my return home and sharing photos and stories with friends and family. I was very happy when I received the materials a month before the start of the tour; they really created a great impression.

I expected pretty vistas, but there is no way to prepare you for post card views around every corner. I can’t imagine how the tour route or hotels could have been improved.

I look forward to my next Ayres Adventure."

Bill enjoyed the Portugal, Spain and Morocco Adventure

Bill Walker
Redwood City, California

We’ll be back!


Our debut tour with Ayres Adventures was an exceptional motorcycling experience!

Riding through pata negra country in Spring was simply sublime. We cannot commend highly enough the good humour and professionalism of Claus and Axel – tour leaders par excellence who regularly and happily delivered beyond our expectations! And we were delighted with the quality of our fellow tourers – always great company! Our thanks go to Ron, Shirley and team for making it happen.

We’ll be back!

Wilf and Yeenenjoyed the Portugal and Spain Adventure

Will Flint & Yeen Danser
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

So I'm already planning my next Ayres tour!


The Ayres Adventures tour to Norway last June was the trip of a lifetime! The tour was well organized and very professional. The tour guides did an awesome job from start to finish. The actual route and our accommodations were stellar. It was too bad that it all ended...I'm sure I could have gone a few more months!

So I'm already planning my next Ayres tour!

Chris's Adventures Include:

Legendary Norway

Empire of the Incas (Machu Picchu)

Chris White
Gold River, British Columbia

If you want to go to Machu Picchu or Ushuaia, Ayres is your man.


If you 're considering a motorcycle trip to Brazil or anywhere else in South America, I'd certainly recommend Ayres Adventures to be your tour company. Ron is an experienced motorcyclist with a gift for taking care of the details. He genuinely wants you to have a good experience.

If you want to go to Machu Picchu or Ushuaia, Ayres is your man.

David's Adventures Include:Best of Brazil

African Southern Cross

New Zealand Top Down Adventure

David Hough
Port Angeles, Washington

Overall, it was a wonderful experience!


Overall, it was a wonderful experience.

I expect to tour with Ayres again, and would highly recommend Ayres Adventures to anyone interested in motorcycle touring.

Burt's Adventures Include:
South American Splendors

Africa Call of the Wild

Escape to Machu Picchu

Burt Lowe
Richmond, Virginia

My husband loves motorcycle touring and now I must admit I have grown to love it too!


The camaraderie of our tour group, good natured people, well cared for roads, twistie turns and gorgeous scenery enhanced by beautiful silver ferns, crystal blue lakes, and of course lots of sheep!

These all describe the memories I will cherish when I think about New Zealand. My husband loves motorcycle touring and now I must admit I have grown to love it too! ...Susan"

Bob and Sue's Adventures Include:
New Zealand Top Down Tour

Call of the Wild

Escape to Antarctica (and Ushuaia)

Escape to Machu Picchu

Bob and Sue Johnston
Lake Villa, Illinois

Now I'm dreaming of an Ayres Adventure in South America


The planning and organization that went into the African Southern Cross made this trip very special for me. I recommend this excursion to anyone who would like a very special holiday on a motorcycle. Now I'm dreaming of an Ayres Adventure in South America!.

Andre's Adventures Include:
Escape to Ushuaia

Southern Cross (Africa)

Norway Viking Run

Escape to Ushuaia

Andre Gareau
Ottawa, Canada

All of the tours that I have taken with Ayres Adventures have been excellent from start to finish


All of the tours that I have taken with Ayres Adventures have been excellent from start to finish. The itineraries, accommodations, and activities during the tours have provided many incredible experiences. Ron and his tour leaders have a way of finding the very best in each geographic area in which they travel.

John's Adventures Include:
Escape to Ushuaia

Southern Cross (Africa)

Call of the Wild (Africa)

Namibian Splendors (Africa)

Escape to Machu Picchu

Into Africa (Cape Town to Nairobi

John Cheney
White Salmon, Washington



I made my daughter change the date of her wedding because I didn't want to miss this trip of a lifetime. The trip was well worth it!

Jill and I loved it. It had everything an "Iron Butt" rider could want. Straightaways, twisties, pavement, gravel, wind, hot, cold, and some of the most spectacular scenery we've ever seen - and not a bit of whining from any of the riders.

We're looking forward to our next adventure with you, so long as I can work it into my schedule. Thanks again for a life time experience that will be told over and over.


Sean and Jill's Adventures include:

IBA Africa Tour

IBA Ushuaia Tour

Sean Gallagher and Jill Minozzi
Richmond, Virginia

We’re already signed up for the Alps and Morocco


I’ve ridden five Ayres Adventures tours, two of them IBA (Iron Butt Association) specific rides and haven’t been disappointed. All have been first class, unique, and full of very pleasant surprises. Ron and his staff have always been courteous, helpful, and patient. In fact, he has found some special tour leaders and guides. By the end of the tour, they become friends that we look forward to seeing again.

Each tour had it’s own highlights. The IBA tours fit our style of riding since we are interested in seeing as much as we can and not spending a lot of time at the destination hotels. If you ride one, be prepared to cover some distance in all kinds of road and weather conditions.

Ushuaia had been one of those must see places for us and the South America IBA ride was the perfect way to do it, we ended up with more than we expected. The scenery was spectacular, the food was excellent, and this group of riders made it a ride to remember.

We enjoyed this one so much, we’re already signed up for the Alps IBA ride this September and the Portugal, Spain, and Morocco tour next year.

Tom and Mona's Adventures Include:
Empire of the Incas (Machu Picchu)

IBA Ushuaia Tour

IBA Africa Tour

IBA Extreme Alps Tour

South America - Empire of the Incas

Spain and Morocco

New Zealand Top Down Tour

Namibian Splendors (Africa)

Tom and Mona Loftus
Vista, California

We have now set foot on all 7 continents, thanks in part to Ayres Adventures


Escape to Antarctica was one of the most wondeful adventures we have undertaken. If you like biking and wild life then this is the one for you. We have now set foot on all seven continents thanks in part to Ayres Adventures and the crew. The support team were professional to the last.

Thanks Ron & Barb.

Keith and Anne''s Adventures Include:

Escape to Antarctica (and Ushuaia)

Southern Cross (Africa)

Escape to Machu Picchu (South America)

Keith and Anne Leaver
County Offaly, Ireland

The professionalism of your organization is outstanding!


What a time we had in Africa, and the professionalism of your operation is outstanding. The routes, people, sights, hotels, food and animals all exceeded our expectations.

When you come back from any holiday there are usually a few things that stand out as being special. However regarding our tour it all blended into what can only be described as "Boys Own Stuff". It was truly the adventure we all dream about growing up as children. However to experience it later on in your life, is a dream come true.

We really want to participate in the South American Adventure next October!

Bill and Carolina's Adventures Include:
Call of the Wild (Africa)

Namibian Splendors (Africa)

Bill Nixon and Carolina Campo
Bogota, Columbia

You win the oscar!


You win the Oscar for the category of "The Company that Works the Hardest to Please a Client!"

George and Sherri's Adventures Include:
Africa Southern Cross

New Zealand Top Down

George and Sherri DeMier
Tulsa, Oklahoma

The sixteen tours we were on with Ayres Adventures are the best we have ever been on!


“We have taken more than 20 motorcycle tours; sixteen of the last seventeen were with Ayres Adventures.

The sixteen tours that we have taken with Ayres Adventures were the best trips we have ever been on.”

Denny and Alice have done:

Africa Call of the Wild
Best of Brazil
Southern Cross (Africa)
Diamonds, Desert and Dunes (Africa)
Call of the Wild (Africa)
Escape to Machu Picchu
South American Four Flags
Mediterranean Odyssey
Escape to Ushuaia
Swiss Alps and Italian Dolomites
Swiss, French and Italian Alps
Adventure Center Holiday (USA)
Escape to Colorado (USA)
Rocky Mountain Holiday (USA)
National Parks Tour (USA)
Prudhoe Bay Excursion (Alaska)
Best of Alaska and Canada
Portugal, Spain and Morocco

Denny and Alice Sanford
Anchorage, Alaska

Once again, we came away thrilled...


"The Antarctica trip was our fifth tour (or 6th if you count Hyder) with Ayres Adventures and once again we came away thrilled with the experience.

The Antarctica portion was a life changing event, much the same as our three trips in Africa with Ayres forever changed our view of the world. Having now toured on all 7 continents, we can say that while the trip to Antarctica is costly and can be difficult at times, it is worth every cent if you enjoy adventure travel to new places. It will change your perspective of our planet and all it entails in a way that is impossible to explain unless you have made the voyage!

Mike and Cara have done:
Escape to Antarctica (and Ushuaia)

Africa Call of the Wild

Africa Southern Cross

Africa Namibian Splendors

Into Africa

New Zealand Top Down Tour

Greece and Italy - Golden Odyssey

Escape to Machu Picchu

Portugal and Spain Adventure

Portugal, Spain and Morocco Adventure

Mike and Cara Hardinger
Southern Pines, North Carolina

Consider your company whole-heartedly endorsed!

Dinges (1).jpg

"When the memories of a trip stay with me every night while trying to sleep, I know that I have experienced something very memorable. I had such a good time that I signed up for your next 'Rendezvous in Rio' Adventure".

Consider your company whole-heartedly endorsed!

John's Adventures Include:

Taste of Chile (and Dash of Argentina)
South American Splendors
Rendezvous in Rio
New Zealand Grand Tour
Escape to Ushuaia
South American Splendors
Africa Off-Road
African Southern Cross
Portugal, Spain and Morocco

John Dinges
Lebanon, Oregon

Trip of a Lifetime


When we signed up for our Alaskan Splendors adventure, David and I thought we would have a good time, see some wonderful things, and meet interesting people. We never expected that a short trip to Alaska would prove to be the trip of a lifetime, led by guides who not only set the bar, but exceeded it, for professionalism, technical expertise, patience and pure fun!

John Jesson had us all laughing together from the first day, and working together as a team by the second. Traveling with him was a pleasure from start to finish, and you may be sure that we’ll look for him on future Ayres Adventures.

David and Ruth have done:

Alaskan Splendors

New Zealand Top Down Tour

Africa Call of the Wild

David and Ruth Lind
Stockton Springs, Maine

How does Ayres Adventures keep coming up with these ideas?!


Recipe for an awesome motorcycle adventure: start with a destination that's on every motorcyclist's bucket list (Ushuaia, "The End of The World"), toss in a trip to Antarctica on a world-class cruise ship, and then finish it off with drop-dead gorgeous scenery in the southern Andes.

How does Ayres Adventures keep coming up with these ideas?!

I've been looking forward to this trip for 2 years, and yet, despite having been on other Ayres Adventures and knowing what an outstanding outfit they have, Ron, Barb, Mauricio, John, and Nuno again managed to exceed my expectations. So, for that matter, did Antarctica.

Well done, Ron and Ayres Adventures!

Don's Adventures Include:

Escape to Antarctica (and Ushuaia)

Africa Call of the Wild

Brazil - Rendezvous in Rio

Don Toothman
Cornelius, North Carolina

Bikers Delight


Biker's delight. These are the words that come to my mind when I think of my Ayres Adventures tours. Great rides, sensational places, good food and great fun. A big "Thank you!" to the whole Ayres team for creating such an experience, you're doing an awsome job. I am looking foreward to riding with you again.

Michael's Adventures Include:

Escape to Machu Picchu

Africa Southern Cross

African Namibian Splendors

Spain and Morocco

Norwegian Midnight Sun

Michael B
Cologne, Germany

The photos can't express exactly what I carry in my memory


The "Best of Alaska and Canada Adventure" was one of the most beautiful tours that we have ever done. The photos can't express exactly what I carry in my memory.

Thank you very much for everything. See you on the Africa tour, or perhaps on another USA tour.

Edison and Denise have done:
BMW Motorrad Days (The Alps)
Escape to Ushuaia
Best of Alaska and Canada
Call of the Wild Adventure (Africa)

Edison Dias Filho and Denise Bethonico Dias
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

I'm looking forward to Portugal and Spain next Spring


Thanks to everyone involved at Ayres Adventures. Shirley was great and both Malcolm and John did a great job. I'm looking forward to Portugal and Spain next Spring.

Mike has done:

Africa Call of the Wild

Spain and Morocco

Escape to Machu Picchu

Mike Egan
Wellington, Florida

Namibia was unlike anything we have ever experienced


The Namibian Splendors trip was fabulous. Jan and I both had a wonderful time. We can't say enough about our guides, the hotels, the food, the route, the off-bike/excursion days, or the quality of the overall experience. The hotels and food were exceptional, and were a real treat all by themselves. Namibia was unlike anything we have ever experienced - hauntingly beautiful, beyond anything we had imagined.

The best testament we can make is that we were only home 3 days before we signed up for another Ayres trip!

Alan and Jan Have done:

Africa Southern Cross

Africa Namibia Splendors

Escape to Machu Picchu

Portugal, Spain and Morocco

Alan Stephenson and Jan Saunders
Sedona, Arizona

What an Experience!


I am now back in the land of reality, but what an experience I have had. I think the preparation and planning of the tour was of such a high standard, the people great company and that resulted in the whole trip being so enjoyable.

The other really great thing was the feeling that I could ride forever, unfortunately appointments mean that you have to turn back.

John many thanks for your excellent leadership and professionalism throughout.

Pete enjoyed our Namibian Splendors Adventure in Africa)

Pete Wall
Tamworth, United Kingdom

This trip had a little of everything and it makes me want to go back to Africa


My son and I rode the Ayres Adventures Machu Picchu trip over a year ago and we had so much fun I decided to go on my own trip to South Africa, at Ron Ayres suggestion.  I'm a fair weather, slower rider, the type that likes to look at scenery, stop often, and avoid highways, so after Machu Picchu which really challenged me, I asked Ron for something more suitable to my style, and the Southern Cross trip fit my needs perfectly.

It had everything: beautiful scenery that included seascapes and inland hills and valleys, cultural offerings by the Zulus in S. Africa and the Bsuto in Swaziland, game reserves and Kruger National Park where the big animals walked in their natural habitat, and most touching to me, visiting an orphanage and school where we met some children and which offered us the opportunity to give back a little by connecting them with possible resources in the USA.

The accommodations and the food were always the best, especially Otter's Den, where we were treated like family by the hosts and where I felt like I might hear Tarzan yelling as he swung from branch to branch.

John Jesson and Chris Carey offered wonderful support as group leaders, and they made my experience work, especially since I ride slower than most and I was traveling alone. It's not easy to satisfy everyone with different needs, but they did. The planned visits included a snake reserve, elephant farm, balloon ride, and could have included the highest bungee jump in the world. This trip had a little of everything and it makes me want to go back to Africa.

Deborah has done:

Africa Call of the Wild

Escape to Machu Picchu

Deborah Pigeon
W. Tilsbury, Massachussets

We can't wait for the next one!

Nick and Susan.jpg

It’s been less than two weeks since we completed the African trilogy and I’ve wondered how I’d ever find the words to describe our feelings about this extraordinary adventure. When the October 2008 Waypoints Bulletin arrived, it gave me the perfect start. As one who had to “overcome initial apprehension about travel to the ‘Dark Continent’,” I can honestly say that none of my fears materialized. Nick and I fell in love with Africa. From day one and throughout nearly seven weeks of travel, Africa grabbed us with the warmth of the people, the cultural diversity, the mind-blowing wildlife, and the spectacular scenery. Ayres Adventures delivered in its usual superb fashion on each and every day of the three distinctly unique tours.

The “Southern Cross” could be described as “Africa 101”, offering a taste of everything—from the busy, upscale Capetown waterfront to the luxury of L’Agulhas Country Lodge, from the cultural experiences in Eshowe and Shakaland to the overall African immersion at Otter’s Den. Leaving Johannesburg at the start of the second tour, we mistakenly thought ourselves steeped in a sense of place. Then came Shibula Lodge and we realized that a very different African adventure was just beginning. The “Call of the Wild” is truly all about the wildlife—watching the elephants crossing the river in Chobe can only be termed a life-altering event. As for Namibia, we’ll never forget the sands—towering over us on the dunes and shifting under our tires as we crossed the Kalahari! But the challenge was thrilling and the landscapes incomparable.

We’ll always be grateful to the Ayres “family” with whom we shared this amazing experience. So while "doing 'Africa Ayres Adventures Style'" may be addictive, I think it’s more accurate to say that we’ve simply become addicted to Ayres Adventures. We can’t wait for the next one!

Nick and Susan have done:

New Zealand Grand Tour

Africa Southern Cross - TWICE!

Africa Call of the Wild - TWICE!

Africa Namibia Splendors

Escape to Ushuaia

South American Splendors

Best of the Mediterranean

Nick and Susan Vallario
Upper Saddle River, New Jersey

Our trip was beautifully planned.


Our first Ayres Adventure was everything we'd hoped and more. John is extraordinary at what he does. We really appreciated his sincere caring, competency and sense of fun. When asked where we were headed that day by a waitress at a coffee stop, a fellow rider said, "I'm not sure. It's like going on vacation with Dad. We just follow him and everything's taken care of, everything's wonderful."

Our trip was beautifully planned. Greg and I enjoyed the variety of accommodations, from a luxury waterfront hotel, to a country lodge, to a 100 yr. old farmstead, to a tented tree house, and especially the opportunity to visit the Zulu school and AIDS orphanage. We felt that we learned a lot about the country, rather than just passing through it. We're looking forward to future Ayres Adventures. South Africa definitely captured our hearts.


Southern Cross (Africa)

Greg Hague and Roseann Dunteman
Phoenix, Arizona

First Class Adventures


Recently my wife Chris and I took an Ayres Adventure trip through South Africa (from Cape Town to Johannesburg). We have nothing but good things to say about the Ayres people, having done several "adventures" with them, in various parts of the world. They are first class, and go the extra mile to take good care of their customers. The Africa trip was exceptional in every respect. Ayres has a knack for picking exotic places to visit and stay. Kruger is breathtaking and Swaziland is really cool. We totally recommend anyone that wants to do an overseas adventure to strongly consider this opportunity.

Rob and Chris's Adventures include:

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Africa Southern Cross

Rob and Chris Hiday
Jacksonville, FL

Exceptional Road Support and Tour Leadership


While searching on-line for motorcycle travel I came across the Ayres Adventures website. The site was far and away better than any other so I called Ron, took a chance, signed up for the South America 5 Flags Tour and never looked back. The trip was well run and well planned, offered reliable road support, experienced tour leaders and attracted fun, adventurous people.

The next trip I took was an Ayres Adventure to Africa and this past summer I rode with Ayres in Alaska and Yukon Territory. By now I knew I could count on Ayres for exceptional road support and tour leadership and I was not disappointed. The Alaska challenge for me was riding the Dalton Highway to Prudhoe Bay and our leaders, John and Ed, aside from the expected road support, offered moral support and encouragement. I couldn't have done that ride without them.

My challenge now will be deciding which Ayres Adventure to sign up for next.

Marilyn's Adventures Include:

Prudhoe Bay Excursion

Alaska/Yukon Adventure

Africa Southern Cross

Africa Call of the Wild

South America 5 Flags

Marilyn Makepiece
Santa Barbara, California